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108 Years Since Women Last Boxed In The Olympics, They Prepare A Return

A resort in Spokane, Wash., is hosting Olympic trials for women's boxing. The last time women boxed in the Olympics, it was a "display event." But this year, it'll count.

Women Punch Their Way Into The Summer Olympics

The first U.S. Olympic trials in women's boxing are being held this week. The International Olympic Committee approved the sport in 2009. Now, 24 of this country's best female boxers have come to Washington state with Olympic dreams and a chance to bring their sport out of the shadows.

Looking For Lin In All The Wrong Places

Why are the so-called experts are always looking in the same places? Frank Deford wonders how many talented athletes like Jeremy Lin have been overlooked because of stereotyping.

Pro Basketball's First Asian-American Player Looks At Lin, And Applauds

Like Jeremy Lin, Wat Misaka is an Asian-American who became an unlikely basketball star; he also played for the Knicks. But he did it in the 1940s.

Hairless Dog Loveable Or Just Ugly?

The rare hairless canine known as the xoloitzcuintli is Mexico's national dog. It's one of just six breeds to debut at this year's 2012 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Host Michel Martin speaks with xolo breeder Amy Fernandez, who is thrilled that the native dog of Mexico will be finally included in the show.

Sports: Lin Shoots For Stardom; Patriot Fans Sour

Lin-sanity grips basketball! Gripes and second-guesses grip Pats fans! And what do we owe great four-legged athletes when they go past their prime? Host Scott Simon talks with NPR sports correspondent Tom Goldman about the sports of the week.