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Man Celebrates 26-Year Reunion — With His Old Racing Bike

Michael Gill is the proud owner of a bicycle. It's not new, it's not cutting-edge — in fact, it's just a frame. But it's tied to Gill's past, when he rode the Peugeot for thousands of miles in the 1980s. That's when he had to part with the elite machine — until last month, when he found it again.

Pain At The Plate: Heat Increases Pitcher Retaliation

It's been known for years that when temperatures are hotter, pitchers are more likely to hit batters with pitches. A new study finds that heat also increases a pitcher's likelihood of retaliating by hitting an opposing batter when players from his team were hit earlier in the game.

Football Uber Alles. Uber Alles, Football

In America, football is really big — and it's getting bigger. Football is now gigantic, monstrous, humongous. And it has done more than surpass baseball. It now simply looms alone above the American sportscape.

Detroit Lions Start The Season Strong

Three years ago, the Detroit Lions were the worst team not just in the NFL — but in NFL history. They finished with 16 losses and no wins. Robert Siegel talks to Detroit Lions fan Leonard Lark about his team's 5-0 start this year.

A Look At The NBA's Labor Troubles

Guy Raz talks with NPR sports correspondent Mike Pesca about the numbers behind the NBA's labor troubles.

NBA Games Canceled: Anybody Care?

Maybe there won't be many long-lasting repercussions from this battle between millionaires (the players) and billionaires (at least some of the owners) over how to divide millions of dollars.

How TV Shows Use BBFs To Appear Racially Diverse

On Network TV, there are 27 new shows and nearly all of the main leads are white actors. There is one role on television where minority characters may be on the rise: Black Best Friend. TV critic Eric Deggans says these characters need to be upgraded to well-rounded co-star.