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'We Crush The Cars': Inside The Monster Truck Arena

The sport — yes, sport — of monster truck driving has come a long way. What started in the late '70s as intermission entertainment for tractor-pulling competitions is now a multimillion-dollar industry that tours the world. "We are a show," says veteran Rod Schmidt, "but yet we're racers."

Underdog Football Team Shines In 'Undefeated'

In 2009, volunteer coach Bill Courtney led the struggling football team of Manassas High School in Memphis, Tenn., to the playoffs. Filmmakers Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin chronicle the challenges of the team — on and off the field — in the Oscar-nominated documentary Undefeated.

Olympians Were 'Superstars' In ABC Sports Show

The long-gone TV show The Superstars aired on ABC in the 70s and 80s, and was a kind of made-for-TV decathlon. it featured all kinds of athletes competing against each other. Olympians often fared well in the competition.

When There's More To Winning Than Winning

Cory Weissman didn't get a chance to play much basketball before suffering a stroke during his freshman year at Gettysburg College. But as a senior, for at least one game, the ball was in his court.

Harvard Grad, Cello Player: The 'Other' Jeremy Lin

We hear from a non-basketball-playing Harvard grad named Jeremy Lin, who has to deal with the fact that a classmate with the same name is now an NBA star.

Will Life After 'Lin' Change NBA Recruiting?

The New York Knicks lost to New Jersey Monday night, but sudden NBA sensation Jeremy Lin had another strong game with 21 points. Lin has been racking up big numbers since exploding on the scene a few weeks ago. The Knicks have won all but two games during that stretch. Did scouts miss a diamond in the rough, did Lin take full advantage of a unique situation — or was it both? And will his performance hasten the emergence of other "Jeremy Lin"s in the league?