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Deford: How Sportswriting Has Changed 'Over Time'

NPR sports commentator Frank Deford says he has always been "more interested in the people than in who was winning the games." In his new memoir, Over Time, he says it used to be easier for writers to get close to athletes.

Dark Days In Greece Brightened By Olympic Flame

In Greece on Thursday, the Olympic flame for the London games was lit in the southern town of Olympia. It's the only event planned by the national athletics federation, which recently announced that it's virtually bankrupt. It's a long fall from 2004, when Greece was the world's darling for holding a spectacular Summer Games.

Russian Agency Says It Foiled Potential Attack On Sochi, 2014 Olympics Host City

A Russian anti-terrorism agency says that its secret service agents have thwarted a planned attack on Sochi, the city slated to host the 2014 Winter Olympics. Russia's FSB security service says it found 10 caches of weapons.

Pushing The Limits: Solo-Sailing The Americas

Matt Rutherford spent ten months alone at sea and set a new record for circumnavigating the Americas. He commanded a 27-foot sailboat nearly 27,000 miles — starting in Annapolis, Maryland, through the icy Northwest Passage, back south around Cape Horn, and up the Atlantic Ocean to the Mid-Atlantic.
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Capitals Facing Elimination In Game 6

After a heartbreaking overtime loss Monday, the Capitals are facing a must-win contest Wednesday night as they host the Rangers in Game 6of the Stanley Cup Conference Semifinals.


Josh Hamilton's Remarkable Story Continues: Four Home Runs In One Game

He joined an elite group of Major League players — and came very close to becoming the first ever to hit five home runs in a single game.

Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton Hits 4 Homers In 1 Game

'Facing the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday night, the Texas Rangers outfielder hit two-run homers in the first, third and seventh innings and added another in the eighth to tie the major league record.