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On Ray Lewis' Retirement, Some Media Fail To Mention 2000 Murder Case

Star NFL linebacker Ray Lewis announced that he will retire when his team's season ends, prompting many reports about his career and legacy — and little mention of Lewis' role in a murder case in 2000.

Game, Set And Match: U.S. Tennis Tournaments Move Abroad

At its height, American tennis consistently fielded the world's top male players. Now that American dominance is gone, so too are many of the top U.S. men's tournaments. They're moving overseas, snapped up by groups offering more lucrative payouts in a sport enjoying huge global appeal.

Pa. Governor Sues NCAA Over Penn State Sanctions

Pennsylvania's governor says he is suing the National Collegiate Athletics Association in federal court over harsh sanctions imposed on Penn State. Those sanctions followed a child sexual abuse scandal involving Jerry Sandusky, an ex-assistant football coach. The penalties included millions in fines, a four-year bowl ban and the forfeiture of 112 wins by its football team and were signed off on by the university. But Gov. Tom Corbett says the penalties are unfair and filed an anti-trust suit.

American Tennis Tournaments Move Overseas With Promise Of Higher Payouts

America has been fielding fewer top ranked tennis players and that has meant fewer tournaments in the U.S. The latest Association of Tennis Professionals tournament to call it a match is in Los Angeles.

Pa. Gov. Suing NCAA To Stop Penn State Sex Abuse Sanctions

Gov. Tom Corbett (R), says the NCAA is unfairly punishing Penn State students and Pennsylvania businesspeople for the crimes of former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky; he alleges the athletic association didn't even follow its own disciplinary rules when it imposed the penalties.

New Jersey Tries To Horn In On Nevada's Gambling Turf

Sports betting happens every day. But betting on the outcome of a professional game is legal only in Nevada because of a 1992 federal law. Morning Edition's commentator says that's not just unconstitutional — it also defies the reality of illegal betting on sports.