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25-Year-Old Sets Record As Iditarod's Youngest Winner

Dallas Seavey slid into Nome, Alaska, at 7:29 p.m. Tuesday with nine dogs, finishing the race in nine days, four hours, 29 minutes and 26 seconds.

Obama Picks North Carolina To Win Men's Basketball Championship

After two years of going with the wrong team to win it all, President Obama is counting on North Carolina — the team he correctly picked to win the 2009 NCAA men's basketball championship — to end up No. 1 this year.

London Olympic Visitors Must Navigate Cockney Slang

Americans and Britons share the same language, yet transatlantic visitors to the London Olympics might struggle to understand what's going on. The games are in East London, home of rhyming slang, a form of linguistic gymnastics. It was pioneered in the nineteenth century by Cockneys as a code to confuse snooping policemen.

Calling Foul: In Basketball, Crunch Time Goes Limp

At the end of games in most team sports, the excitement is ratcheted up when a team tries daring new tactics and gambles to win. Basketball seems alone in making the end of its games ugly and boring. And even the referees don't like it.

An American Soccer Coach In Egypt's National Court

American Bob Bradley is the new coach of Egypt's national soccer team, hired to bring back a team that was once the toast of the African continent. But he and his players are struggling in the aftermath of the revolution and more recently, the fatal soccer riot at Port Said that caused the country's soccer federation to shut all games down.

Five Things You Absolutely, Positively Have To Know About March Madness

Filling out a bracket for the NCAA men's basketball tournament doesn't have to be grueling. With the lessons in this simple guide, you might even be able to fill out a bracket better than a pair of lazy cats.