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Olympian's Arc: From 'Ninja Turtles' To London

Terrence Jennings has earned one of two spots for American men to compete in taekwondo in the Summer Olympics. He recently paid a visit to the martial arts school that helped him get started in the sport. But Jennings, 25, says that a certain group of animated reptiles also played a role in his career.

Prosecutor Accuses Clemens Of 'Deceit,' 'Dishonesty'

The retrial of baseball great Roger Clemens began in earnest Monday after a week of jury selection. Prosecutor Steven Durham in his opening statement to the jury said Clemens, unlike other baseball greats who owned up to their mistakes, told lies and "other lies to cover up those lies."

'Ball Boys' Peeks Into World Of Sports Memorabilia

As baseball season gets into full swing, a new reality TV show hopes to win over sports fans and memorabilia fanatics. ABC's Ball Boys is set in Robbie's First Base, a family-owned sports memorabilia shop run by a crew that includes a father, a son, and three guys named Robbie. Host Michel Martin talks with the cast members.

VIDEO: World Peace Causes World Of Pain With Elbow To Opponent's Head

Previously known as Ron Artest, the NBA player will always be remembered for being at the center of a 2004 brawl in the stands at a game in Michigan. Sunday, he hit an Oklahoma City player with a wild elbow.