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How Do You Ship A Horse To The London Olympics? Carefully, And Via FedEx

The elite athletes who travel to London for this summer's Olympic Games will include petite gymnasts, huge wrestlers — and elite horses, which compete in dressage and other events. The man whose job it is to get 50-60 horses to England says, "It's quite a logistical feat."

Colts Will Release Peyton Manning, Making Him A Free Agent, ESPN Says

An announcement is due Wednesday, the network says. Manning, who has spent his entire 14-year career with the Colts, missed the 2011 season with a neck injury.

Cash For Hits Has Some Calling Foul on NFL

Many football fans are stunned by news that one defensive coordinator in the NFL created a bounty system that paid some players to knock opponents out of games. But some former players suggest the practice is more common than fans might think. Host Michel Martin talks with The Nation's Dave Zirin and sports law professor Gabe Feldman.

NFL To Punish Players Paid To Injure Other Players

The NFL has revealed that the New Orleans Saints maintained a bounty pool to award players for delivering game-ending injuries to the opposition. Franchises and fans are waiting to see what the penalty will be, and what kind of message it sends the league.

Football Coordinator Paid Players To Hurt Opponents

Controversy is brewing in the NFL. It centers on a former defensive coordinator who offered his players "bounties" for hurting opponents. The coach, Greg Williams, has worked for the New Orleans Saints and St. Louis Rams. He was expected to meet with NFL officials on Monday. The scandal is sparking outrage from players and fans alike.
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Redskins Players Describe Williams' 'Bounty System'

Several Redskins players spoke out over the weekend about former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and his alleged bounty system, which rewarded players with cash bonuses for deliberately injuring opposing players.


Should NFL's Gregg Williams Be Banned, Fined Or Pardoned For Bounties?

The coach has admitted paying bounties to players who knocked opponents out of games. Did he go out of bounds, even in an already violent sport?