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To Some Runners, Zombies Are A Killer Motivator

Some people run for charity; some run for their health. And some run to escape the ravenous brain-eating zombies who chase them. The popularity of Run for Your Lives, a "zombie-infested 5K obstacle race," has surprised even its organizers.

Runner Pistorius Under Fire For Post-Race Comments

Melissa Block talks with BBC correspondent Emma Tracey, who is at the Paralympic Games in London. Yesterday the so-called "Blade Runner" — South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius — complained immediately following the 200m race that a Brazilian competitor who won the gold had cheated. Pistorius' initial reaction was to criticize the design of his competitor's prostheses as having given him an unfair advantage. Pistorius has since apologized for those remarks.

Serena Williams Reaches 10th U.S. Open Quarterfinal

Melissa Block talks to Jon Wertheim of Sports Illustrated about the U.S. Open.

Baseball's Small-Market Teams Vie For Playoff Births

Major League Baseball's pennant race is heading into the home stretch. There are a large number of small-market teams in the hunt for a place in this year's post-season play. Does that mean big spending teams are wasting their money?

'It's A Grind': An NFL Player's Struggle For Survival

To call Ross Ventrone's career as an NFL defensive back unstable is an understatement. He's been hired, promoted, or fired by the New England Patriots no fewer than 29 times in two years.

Paralympian's Pursuit Enables Aspiring Athletes

Champion wheelchair racer Tatyana McFadden's fight to compete alongside able-bodied athletes opened up civil rights laws providing more opportunities for her sister and other disabled athletes. The sisters will compete against each other at the Paralympic Games in London.