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Josh Hamilton's Remarkable Story Continues: Four Home Runs In One Game

He joined an elite group of Major League players — and came very close to becoming the first ever to hit five home runs in a single game.

Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton Hits 4 Homers In 1 Game

'Facing the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday night, the Texas Rangers outfielder hit two-run homers in the first, third and seventh innings and added another in the eighth to tie the major league record.

Olympic Runners Find Unique Was To Raise Funds

Big name medal winners in high-profile Olympic sports can count on support from sponsors. But not so for lesser known athletes. That's forced some of them to take an unorthodox approach to fundraising.

Mind Games: Football And Head Injuries

Commentator Frank Deford wonders what will happen to American football as concerns over head injuries grow.

Phoenix Coyotes Make Finals For First Time Ever

On Monday, Phoenix's NHL team had one of its biggest days ever. The often abysmal Coyotes defeated the Nashville Predators and advanced to the conference finals for the first time. Audie Cornish talks to Paola Boivin, sports columnist for the Arizona Republic.
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Stadium Food: Beyond Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

The baseball "culinary experience" used to be hotdogs & (generic) beer. Today, visitors to Nationals Park or Camden Yards can find crabcakes, "half-smokes" & micro-brews.