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London Olympics Wind Down

NPR's Tom Goldman joins us from the Olympic games in London to talk about Saturday's events.

The Logistics Of Doing An Ironman In The City

The Ironman Triathlon holds its first-ever U.S. championship in New York and New Jersey on Saturday. New York is the biggest city ever to host an Ironman event, which poses a few logistical challenges. NPR's Joel Rose sets the scene for us.

Seeing The World Through The Olympic Rings [Infographic]

Using only the rings of the Olympic logo, artist Gustavo Sousa strips down world statistics to illustrate global disparities, including those for population, obesity, carbon dioxide emissions and Coco-Cola sales. What would the medal count for the 2012 Olympics look like in this infographic style?

Gaming The Games: The Rules That Got Bent In London

Several times during these Olympics, there've been moments when the Olympic oath seemed all but forgotten — you know, the one at the opening ceremony where athletes pledged to abide by the rules and spirit of fair play.

Does That Colorful Tape Olympians Wear Even Work?

Kinesio tape has caught the eye of many an Olympic viewer the last two weeks — covering the muscles of volleyball players, javelin throwers, even swimmers. It was invented decades ago by a Japanese chiropractor. Athletes say it eases muscle strain and allows healing, but research has yet to prove the effectiveness of the tape. Melissa Block talks with Amy Powell, a sports medicine doctor at the University of Utah about the tape.

What's It Like To Leave The Olympics Empty-Handed?

Melissa Block talks with U.S. Olympians Kate MacKenzie, a rower, and Derek Brown, a handball player, about what life is like after the Olympics when you aren't a Michael Phelps-caliber superstar.