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Lance Armstrong Admits To Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong said that he blood doped or used banned substances in all of his seven Tour de France victories. He also said he didn't believe that it was possible to win seven titles without using drugs "in that culture."

Notre Dame Defends Star Linebacker As Story Of Triumph Over Loss Unravels

Manti Te'o — a linebacker for Notre Dame and a former Heisman Trophy candidate — has come under fire for allegedly making up a girlfriend who died of cancer. Robert Siegel speaks with sports correspondent Mike Pesca for more on the story.

Up Next For Lance Armstrong: Post-Confession Court Cases

If Lance Armstrong's doping confession is as complete as many believe, he could be exposed to new legal troubles after his interview with Oprah Winfrey airs. At least one lawsuit accuses the disgraced cyclist of fraud. That suit and others could reduce Armstrong's net worth, estimated at more than $100 million.
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Hitting The Slopes, Minus The Snow, In Virginia

Ski resorts in the Mid-Atlantic seem to be getting more rain than snow lately. But at one slope in Virginia, that doesn't matter.


Manti Te'o: Story Attributed To Parents Hard To Reconcile With Hoax Report

Notre Dame says its football star was the victim of an elaborate hoax and that he never actually met the "girlfriend" who supposedly died last year. But an Indiana newspaper says it has a recording of an earlier interview with Te'o's parents in which they talked about how their son met the woman.

Olympics Asks Lance Armstrong To Return His Bronze Medal

The conclusion from anti-doping authorities that Armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs have led the International Olympics Committee to strip him of the medal he won at the 2000 Games in Sydney. Meanwhile, tonight, Oprah Winfrey airs Part 1 of Armstrong's reported confessional.

Notre Dame: Manti Te'o Victim Of Girlfriend Hoax

Star Linebacker Manti Te'o's play gained national attention. His achievements were particularly noteworthy because his last year of play was marred by the deaths of his grandmother and of his girlfriend. Now it appears the girlfriend didn't exist.