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In The Face Of Disaster, Sports Don't Always Unite

Host Rachel Martin talks with NPR's Mike Pesca about the cancellation of the New York City Marathon in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

Marathon Runners Wonder, Why Not Cancel Earlier?

In a reversal of earlier assertions, New York City Marathon officials and Mayor Michael Bloomberg canceled the race scheduled for Sunday. Thousands had been critical of the decision to hold the marathon as the city struggles to recover from Superstorm Sandy, but now it's the runners' turn to complain.

New York City Marathon Cancelled As Lights Come Back

In New York City, the lights are coming back on, and the annual marathon has been called off. Robert Siegel talks to Joel Rose.

In New York, Lights Are Back On But The Race Is Off

In New York City on Friday, the lights came on in more of Manhattan and the annual marathon was called off. Margot Adler talks to Robert Siegel.

St. Louis Cardinals' Organist Was A Master Improviser

Ernie Hays died Wednesday at the age of 77. For 40 seasons, he was the organist for the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium. Audie Cornish and Robert Siegel have a remembrance.

The New York City Marathon Is Not Post-Sept. 11 Baseball, And More Reasons To Cancel

Sarah Bunting argues that with everything going on in New York City right now, the marathon is the last thing the struggling city needs — and is absolutely unnecessary as a symbol of anything at all.
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Maryland Native Wins World Series Of Poker

Greg Merson, 24, of Laurel, Md., laid claim Wednesday to the big purse at the World Series of Poker, besting the competition and earning himself an $8.5 million prize.


Not Exactly A Boxing Capital, Kabul Stages A Championship Bout

Afghanistan's own Hamid Rahimi takes a World Boxing crown in a rare bout held in Kabul.

The American Pastime Fades In Popularity

As baseball declines in popularity, football continues to rise. Commentator Frank Deford reflects on the switch from baseball to football as America's favorite sport.