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Gabby Douglas: I Had A Job To Do In London

Gabby Douglas became the first African-American gymnast to win an Olympic gold medal in the individual all-around event. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with Douglas about the sacrifices she has made — like moving 1,200 miles away from home to get better coaching — and how she handles being "America's Sweetheart."

We Have A Ruling: NFL Referees Are Returning To The Field

NFL fans' nightmare is over. The league and its referees have reached a tentative agreement on a new, eight-year contract. So replacement refs — who have been blamed for botching calls and giving at least one team a victory it didn't deserve — have been sent to the showers.

Regular NFL Refs Will Be Back On The Job Thursday

A tentative contract agreement has been reached between the National Football League and the referees' union. The impasse began in June when the NFL locked out the officials and used replacement referees.

What If Google Were Run By Replacement Engineers?

Frustration over the NFL's not-ready-for-primetime replacement referees has inspired web designer Erik Johnson to present Google's search page as if it were run by replacement engineers and coders. The result looks a lot like the standard Google page, but it doesn't do exactly what you'd expect.
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Getting Outside This Fall

If you're looking to get outdoors this fall, there are hidden gems around the region to explore. Join us for tips on where to enjoy the great outdoors this season.


After Uproar, No Clear Signal That NFL Refs Will Be Back Soon

Fans from President Obama and Mitt Romney to Joe and Jane Sixpack are begging for a settlement. But there's nothing to indicate that the NFL and its referees will settle their labor dispute in time for this week's games.