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L.A. Lakers Broadcast In Korean To Draw New Fans

The Los Angeles Lakers recently became the first NBA team to broadcast every game in Korean. They're trying to appeal to the areas growing Korean population, much of which doesn't speak English at home. But translating the broadcast into Korean has proved challenging.

Sports Calendar's Black Hole Gives Us Time To Reflect On Sportswriters

Aside from basketball, it's a pretty quiet sports week, which means, it's a pretty quiet week for sportswriters. Commentator Frank Deford says it's a perfect opportunity to recognize their work, and cut them some slack.

Olympian High Jumper John Thomas Remembered As Gracious Athlete

Robert Siegel speaks with Bill Littlefield, the veteran host of NPR's Only a Game, about the career and legacy of high jumper and Olympic medalist John Thomas. Thomas died Tuesday at the age of 71.

Businessman Has A Lance Armstrong DVD Problem

Karl Baxter does wholesale retail in Britain. He bought three huge shipments of DVDs titled The Science of Lance Armstrong. As you may know, the cyclist has admitted to doping. Baxter's not convinced his 10,000 DVDs will sell.

Katie Couric Lands Manti Te'o 'Exclusive'

The Notre Dame football player, who says he didn't take part in a hoax about someone he said was his girlfriend, is giving his first on camera interview to Couric. It will be broadcast on Thursday.

Super Bowl Will Be A Family Affair: Harbaugh Brothers' Ravens, 49ers To Clash

Baltimore, coached by John Harbaugh, will play Jim Harbaugh's San Francisco team in Super Bowl XLVII on Feb. 3. Teams coached by brothers have never before met in the NFL's championship.