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New Jersey Tries To Horn In On Nevada's Gambling Turf

Sports betting happens every day. But betting on the outcome of a professional game is legal only in Nevada because of a 1992 federal law. Morning Edition's commentator says that's not just unconstitutional — it also defies the reality of illegal betting on sports.

Brian Dixon, Tom Hall Want To Attend Every Bowl Game

Since 1984, Brian Dixon and Tom Hall have been on a mission to attend every college bowl game in the country. But their quest has been extended as more bowl games have been added through the years. Every year they go to one or two bowl games.

The Rose Parade's Evolution Into A Cultural Event

The Tournament of Roses Parade is an annual tradition for Pasadena, Calif., and television viewers around the country. But it's more than a pretty spectacle of floats bedecked in blooms, says Los Angeles Times columnist and special correspondent for KPCC Patt Morrison. In her latest column, she writes, "its huge cultural shadow has been as much about what you didn't see on display as what you did."
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Redskins Clinch NFC East With Win Over Cowboys, 28-18

The Washington Redskins are heading to the playoffs for the first time in 5 years after clinching the NFC-East division title last night with a win over the Dallas Cowboys.

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Construction Starting Soon On Redskins Training Camp In Richmond

With the approval of Richmond's city council, construction of a $10 million training camp facility for the Redskins may begin in earnest as soon as next week.


Calculating The College Bowl Matchups

Weekend Edition Sunday guest host Linda Wertheimer talks with NPR's Mike Pesca about college football bowl matchups. Pesca's talked to the analysts who calculate the matchups to find out if one team should be as fortunate as it has been.

Week In Sports: NFL Playoffs Taking Shape

Weekend Edition Saturday guest host Linda Wertheimer talks to NPR's Tom Goldman about how the NFL playoffs and which teams looked poised to go all the way.