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Will Pope Francis Answer Muslims' Prayers, Too?

Host Michel Martin checks in with the Barbershop guys for a fresh cut on the week's news, including the new pope and college basketball's March Madness. Martin is joined by culture critic Jimi Izrael, attorney Arsalan Iftikhar, sports writer Pablo Torre and Reverend Leo Patalinghug.

Game Of Change: Pivotal Matchup Helped End Segregated Hoops

Mississippi State University defied its state's unwritten rule of never playing against a team with African-Americans. Its 1963 NCAA tournament match against Loyola University, which had four black players in its starting lineup, became a symbol in the effort to overturn Jim Crow policies.
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Bringing Yoga East Of The River

There are currently no yoga studios in D.C. east of the Anacostia River. But that could soon change, as local yogis seek to diversify the practice.


Winning Musher Is Oldest Champion In Iditarod History

Mitch Seavey is 53. His son Dallas holds the record as the youngest musher to win the race. He was 25 when his team finished the 1,000-mile course first in 2012.

School Bands Should Not Be Entertainment Adjunct For Sports

For commentator Frank Deford, it seems unfair that students who pursue other extracurricular talents — like music — should be placed in a subsidiary position to their classmates who happen to play sports.
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Four Area Schools Still Hold March Madness Hopes

Georgetown is the only lock for the NCAA men's basketball tournament this month, with three more schools holding out hope that they can play their in.


The 'Pre-Gripe': How NCAA Seeds Its Tournaments

March Madness bracketing will begin next Sunday when the NCAA selects the top teams to compete for the championship. NPR's Mike Pesca talks with host Rachel Martin about the flaws of that process.