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Will Kick-Off To Football Season Bring More Boos?

The NFL is in a pay dispute with referees, and replacement refs have been working the preseason. Players and unionized officials say the substitutes are struggling, and that it'll only get worse. They cite safety as their biggest concern. Host Michel Martin discusses the issue with Pablo Torre of Sports Illustrated.

U.S. Open Favorites: Serena Williams, Roger Federer

The U.S. Open gets underway in Flushing Meadows, New York, Monday. For a preview, Steve Inskeep talks to Jon Wertheim of Sports Illustrated. Roger Federer is the favorite on the men's side while Serena Williams is the overwhelming favorite for the women.

Advantage Tennis: Improving Game's Racial Disparity

Only four of the top 100 ranked tennis players in the U.S. are African-American. But groups like the Washington Tennis and Education Foundation are working to level the court, and create opportunities for kids who wouldn't otherwise have the chance to play.

Ugandan Gold Medalist Returns To Fame And Fortune

Stephen Kiprotich came out of nowhere to win the gold medal in the marathon at the London Olympics. His rags-to-riches story has buoyed spirits in his impoverished homeland. Now, he is grappling with his newfound fame and fortune, while eagerly anticipating the return to his great love, running.

Baseball Has Week In Doping Spotlight Too

NPR's Mike Pesca joins Weekend Edition Sunday guest host Linda Wertheimer to talk about two high-profile steroid suspensions in baseball.