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Rhymed Wrap: NCAA So Far, In A Poem

NPR's Mike Pesca rhymes his way through the 32 opening-round games of the NCAA basketball tournament.

In Case You Missed It: Georgetown Upended, And Other NCAA Surprises

Newcomer Florida Gulf Coast made quite an entrance Friday: The No. 15 seed beat No. 2-ranked Georgetown. Other notable wins went to La Salle and Iowa State.

Sheer Madness With NCAA Upsets

Host Scott Simon catches up on the NCAA tournament and women's hockey with NPR's Tom Goldman.

Former QB Drew Bledsoe Becomes Unlikely Lobbyist For Interstate Wine Sales

Robert Siegel speaks with former New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe. In retirement, Bledsoe has taken up winemaking in his home state of Washington — but a Massachusetts law banning wine shipments to residents is preventing some of his former fans from becoming customers. This week, Bledsoe traveled to the Massachusetts Statehouse to support a bill that would change that.

'You Gotta See' Kentucky's Locker Room

Lexington, Ky., is one of four sites where the NCAA men's basketball tournament is being played. The visiting teams have been amazed by the locker suite. The $3.1 million facility was paid for with private donations.

Harvard Thrills Day 1 NCAA Tournament Watchers

Harvard has given the NCAA men's basketball tournament its first dose of March Madness. The 14th seeded Crimson stunned No. 3 New Mexico 68-62.