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France Makes First Showing At World Baseball Classic

When you think about France, baseball doesn't leap to mind, but the sport has a long history there, dating back to 1889. During World War I, French soldiers played baseball with American doughboys. And now there is a French baseball league. But the games are never televised and the fans are mostly friends and family. But this week, for the first time, France sent its top team to the qualifying matches for the World Baseball Classic, a tournament that was created when baseball ceased to be an Olympics sport. For many on the French team, this is the closest they will ever get to professional baseball.

Replacement NFL Refs Throw Off Big-Time Gambling

Robert Siegel talks to ESPN the Magazine editor Chad Millman about the effects of NFL replacement referees on gambling.

U.S. Speedskater Accused Of Sabotaging Rival

In court documents, an American Bronze medalist is accused of following instructions and tampering with his competitor's skates.

'Itch' For Baseball Returns After Year In The Minors

In the spring, Reid Gorecki, 31, said he might retire from baseball and become a firefighter. But as the minor league season winds down, he says he "got the itch back" to play pro ball after he hit his first home run of this season. Now he says he's ready to play another year.