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Getting Outside This Fall

If you're looking to get outdoors this fall, there are hidden gems around the region to explore. Join us for tips on where to enjoy the great outdoors this season.


After Uproar, No Clear Signal That NFL Refs Will Be Back Soon

Fans from President Obama and Mitt Romney to Joe and Jane Sixpack are begging for a settlement. But there's nothing to indicate that the NFL and its referees will settle their labor dispute in time for this week's games.

RG3: A Game Changer For 'Thirds' Everywhere

When sport and language intersect, they can help define how we speak and think — consider the "level playing field." And in Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, the sons of juniors, such as Benjamin Franklin Deford III, might have found a game changer.


NFL, Refs Meet But There's No End To Labor Dispute

Patience is running thin for many after the latest blown call by replacement referees in the National Football League. It's even seeped into national politics. Will a long-term strike have long-term implications for the game?

NFL's Replacement Referees Baffle Fans

As the lockout of NFL officials over a labor dispute continues, the replacement refs have been roundly criticized for an increase in bad calls and a general loss of control on the field. NPR's Mike Pesca explains the issues with replacement refs and the ongoing dispute with the regular officials.

Monday Night Football Or Monday Night Meltdown?

It's nearly a month into football season and fans are riled up over referees. The NFL locked out its regular refs and the replacements are taking the heat for a weekend of blunders capped by a Monday night meltdown. The Nation's Dave Zirin talks with guest host Celeste Headlee about the NFL's officiating issues.