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Personality Of Each Coach Reflected In NCAA Men's Basketball Teams

To achieve a deep run in the NCAA men's college basketball tournament, players have to be skilled and well-trained but also well-motivated.

In Florida, It's David Versus Goliath In NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

The NCAA men's basketball tournament is back in action on Friday. The Cinderella squad, Florida Gulf Coast University, hits the court against its long dominant in-state rival: the University of Florida. UF knows about post-season success. It won the men's basketball national championship in 2006 and 2007.

'Cuse Control 2 Other Things To Say About Basketball Today

Syracuse bounces Indiana. Marquette eliminates Miami. And NPR's David Greene promises (or threatens?) to sing on Morning Edition if Florida Gulf Coast wins Friday night. March Madness continues.
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Lombardi Trophy Makes Appearance As Maryland Senate Approves Black Liquor Ban

Maryland lawmakers approved several bills today, but a visit from Baltimore Ravens' wide receiver is what had the statehouse buzzing.


Tiger Woods Back On Top Of The Golfing World

Tiger Woods is number one in golf and has won two tournaments this month. But how close is he to the old Tiger? Robert Siegel talks to Ron Sirak, senior writer at Golf Digest for more.

Busted Brackets: Therapy For Sports Fanatics

Die-hard fans of Georgetown, Gonzaga and other colleges are feeling down in the dumps after their favored teams lost early in the NCAA basketball tournament. But when do the March Madness blues go too far? Host Michel Martin discusses the psychology of sports fanaticism with professor Don Forsyth of the University of Richmond.

Snap! Miami Heat's Streak Ends At 27

The Los Angeles Lakers' 33-game run in 1971-72 still stands as the NBA record. There is a case to be made, though, that the game has changed a lot since then and that the Heat's streak deserves special attention.