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Former Football Player Jim Brown Among The Game's Best Running Backs

Jim Brown is a hall of fame running back who terrorized defenses. In fact, many consider him to be the best running back ever.

For Super Bowl Ads, More Social-Media Savvy

For years, Super Bowl ads have gone viral after they've aired. But these days brands like Doritos and Volkswagen are turning to social media to crowdsource ad creation — and to boost the buzz long before the big Sunday kickoff.

Brain Injuries And The NFL: A Fan's 5 Stages Of Grief

When it comes to football players suffering brain injuries, many NFL fans seem to have moved past denial, the first stage of coping with a terrible reality. It's followed by anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

3 Things To Say At A Super Bowl Party

Not up to speed about the big game between the 49ers and Ravens? We've got a few bits of "wisdom" that could help you get through the game.

Are NFL Football Hits Getting Harder And More Dangerous?

In the early days of the NFL, the average lineman weighed 190 pounds. Now they average 300 pounds. A look at the physics behind a tackle shows that bigger and faster players means harder slams to the turf and more severe injuries.

Wacky Super Bowl Ads Are Already Getting Serious Play

Spoiler alert: A few Super Bowl commercials have launched on social media well before Sunday's big game. Ad industry watchers say the multi-million-dollar spots are meant to be entertaining, but a few of the ads are already controversial.

Super Bowl Underdogs, Are Stats On Their Side?

The Baltimore Ravens hope to top off their run to the Super Bowl with a win in the big game Sunday. If they do, they'll continue a trend of unlikely champions — six of the past eight Super Bowl victors weren't the top seeds in their conferences.