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Reports: Eight Badminton Players Tossed Out Of Olympics

They're accused of "not using one's best efforts to win a match." The matches drew boos.

We've Got Olympic Spirit, Yes We Do; How 'Bout You?

The London Games have conspicuously defied traditional notions by having cheerleaders, in a few different styles, at a few different venues. In basketball, dance teams perform between matches. In beach volleyball, highly choreographed teams delight attendees.

Gymnastics Vault Needs 'Speed, Explosive Action'

U.S. gymnast McKayla Maroney took the floor on Tuesday to tackle the event that can make or break Team USA in just a fraction of a second. It's the vault. And Maroney has the approval of the man who's been on the mat for so many memorable vault moments — Bela Karolyi. Audie Cornish asks Karolyi about the pivotal moments that can make or break success in the event.

Cheerleaders Make Olympics Debut On The Sidelines

One of the surprises at the Olympics has nothing to do with medals or the athletes vying for them.

With A Tiger's Help, Orange Juice Helps Lighten The Mood At Olympics

When you spend hours on end at a media center, even if it's on an assignment as terrific as the Summer Olympics, the refreshments can get to be, well, familiar. But Innocent juices are a welcome sight in the media center.

Phelps Sets New Olympic Record With 19 Medals; America's Schmitt Wins Gold

The U.S. men's swimming team has won the 4x200m freestyle relay, in a race that also gave Michael Phelps a record 19 medals in the Olympics. He netted his 18th, a silver, earlier in the day. Also netting a gold was American Allison Schmitt, who won the women's 200m freestyle.