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Get Off My Lawn! And Other Grumblings About Sports Today

Frank Deford's friend "the Sports Curmudgeon" reflects on some of the things that bother him about the sports world.

NBA Player Jason Collins Could Snag Endorsements, Speaking Gigs

The basketball player could parlay his trail blazing announcement into endorsements or speaking engagements, experts say.

Teen's Punch Reportedly Lands Soccer Referee In Critical Condition

After sustaining what seemed to be minor injuries, the official later lost consciousness. The teenager was arrested Monday on suspicion of aggravated assault.
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Competition For Athletic Fields And Facilities

With growing numbers of children and adults joining sports leagues, the competition for a place to play is fierce. Kojo explores local efforts to share limited field space among leagues, schools and the public.


Brazil Seeks To Avoid Own Goal Ahead Of World Cup

The country is preparing to host the 2014 World Cup by refurbishing its stadiums for soccer's biggest event. But some of the venues are behind schedule and the preparations are costing taxpayers more than they expected. Some now wonder if all of the fanfare is worth the effort.

'Very, Very Courageous': Rick Welts On Jason Collins

The president of the NBA's Golden State Warriors came out in 2011. He said Monday that Collins' announcement helped him avoid a traffic ticket.
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Game Changer? An American Male Athlete Comes Out

Sports writer Dave Zirin joins Kojo to explore the significance of the first openly gay professional basketball player.