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Super Bowl Bets Brew Between Teams' Hometown Bars

It's Super Bowl weekend, and that means bets are flying. But instead of cash, two bars from the teams' hometowns are betting on some brews.


Choosing Sides: How To Pick Between The Ravens And The 49ers

If you can't develop a real rooting interest in the Super Bowl, perhaps you can come up with something almost completely arbitrary to help you care.

Gearing Up For Super Bowl XLVII

Sunday is the Super Bowl, and NPR's Mike Pesca is covering the big game from New Orleans. He talks with Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin about the controversies ahead of the game, and provides some analysis of the two teams.

Super Bowl Cheat Sheet: Key Phrases To Keep You In The Game

Put down that chicken wing and put in your two cents. Fake your way at least well into the third quarter, when everyone else at your party Sunday is well into their Bud Lights.


Inside The Training Room: Uncovering Football's Scars

On the eve of Super Bowl Sunday, host Laura Sullivan speaks with former NFL lineman Tre Johnson and writer Tom Junod, whose piece in this month's Esquire takes readers into the training room, where players recover from their many injuries. And in many ways, those injuries last a lifetime.

Marketing, Not Football, Is King At The Superbowl

Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon chats sports with Howard Bryant of and ESPN The Magazine about how the Superbowl has become more about the TV ads than the actual game.