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'Blade Runner' Oscar Pistorius In Custody After Girlfriend's Shooting Death

A woman was killed Thursday at the home of he South African Olympic and Paralympic athlete. Police tell South African news outlets that Pistorius is the only suspect.
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Your Turn

The president lays out an agenda for his second term, the pope says he'll resign at the end of the month and the International Olympic Committee axes wrestling. It's your turn to discuss the news and share your views.


An Oft-Told Tale: The Beauty Queen And The Quarterback

Last month, Brent Musburger was accused of being sexist when he gushed about "what a beautiful woman" Miss Alabama was during the BCS Championship game. Commentator Frank Deford says if Musburger was guilty of anything, it was failing to note what a cliche he was perpetuating.

Summer Olympics To Drop Wrestling After 2016 Games

Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling have been dropped from the 2020 Olympic games. The unexpected move by the International Olympic Committee Executive Board has angered many, who expected other less-popular sports to be cut. The IOC could reconsider its decision when it next meets in May, but few are hopeful.

Sports Fixing: When Gambling And The Game Collide

European officials say players and referees have fixed the outcome of hundreds of soccer games in recent years. The scandal has exposed the organized crime rings that cash in on cheating and has heightened scrutiny of the ethical questions that arise at the intersection of gambling and sports.