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On Your Mark, Ready, Set ... Golf!

This weekend Oregon hosts the nation's top golfers, but their names may not be familiar. These players compete in speed golf, a relatively new game that lives up to its name. Golfers can putt and drive their way through 18 holes in about two hours, what would be considered a blistering pace for regular course play.

Sports Chat: Will Armstrong Fans Continue Support?

Weekend Edition host Rachel Martin talks with NPR's Mike Pesca, as he presents his argument for the absurdity of those in the media still defending Armstrong's innocence.

Basketball's Top Scorer Is Not In The NBA

Everage Richardson is the world's top-scoring basketball player. You've probably never heard of him, because like thousands of American players, he's taken his game overseas. Three years ago, he moved from Brooklyn, N.Y., to Elbingrode, a town of 6,000 in the Harz Mountains. Das Schwarze Perle — "The Black Pearl" — as he is known here, averaged an astounding 42 points a game. Connor Donevan reports.
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NFL Fines Redskins $20,000 For Injury Reports

The NFL fined the Washington Redskins $20,000 for violating league procedures on reporting injuries.


Week In Sports: A Tough One For Lance Armstrong

Weekend Edition host Scott Simon talks with NPR's Tom Goldman about the week in sports, including the NHL lockout, the San Francisco Giants and Lance Armstrong's rough week.
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Kojo Nnamdi Show-Washington City Paper Poll

We explore a new Kojo Nnamdi Show-Washington City Paper poll of 1,222 registered D.C. voters to reveal what locals think of recent political controversies and quality of life issues.


For Cancer Survivors, Armstrong An Inspiration

To millions of his fans, Lance Armstrong wasn't just a sports hero. He was an example of human resiliency who went from fighting testicular cancer to breaking cycling records at the Tour de France. His story was perhaps most meaningful to those with cancer. Following scathing accusations from the U.S. anti-doping agency and Armstrong's resignation from the chairmanship of his cancer foundation, Livestrong, two of those cancer survivors share their thoughts.