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One More Swing: 'Casey At The Bat'

Frank Deford puts aside his gripes this week to pay tribute to the poem by Ernest Lawrence Thayer, first published in the San Francisco Examiner 125 years ago June 3.

Nike Is Cutting Ties To The Livestrong Charity

Cycling superstar Lance Armstrong founded the cancer charity in 1997. After years of denials, he admitted in January that he used performance-enhancing drugs during his career. Nike earlier cut ties with Armstrong. Now it is parting ways with the foundation.

Rutgers Stands Behind New Athletic Director

Rutgers was rocked by the verbal and physical abuse that a since-fired coach heaped on his players. Its athletic director had to step down. Now, questions have been raised about his replacement's past conduct. She says she's learned from her mistakes. The school says she's right for the job.

How Two Baseball Teams Got Their Dubious Records

Host Rachel Martin gets the latest sports news from NPR's Mike Pesca. This week, they discuss a couple dubious baseball records.

Indianapolis Speedway Needs Boost, But With Taxpayer Funds?

Indiana's governor has approved $100 million in bonds to help repair the private stadium, arguing its economic benefit to the region is worth the cost. But even some race fans aren't sure that should be a top priority.

Sports: Playoff Time In The NBA

Host Scott Simon catches up on the week's sports with NPR's Tom Goldman.