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Openly Gay NBA Center 'Happy To Start The Conversation'

Mike Pesca talks to Audie Cornish about NBA center Jason Collins, who announced he is gay. Collins is the first male athlete to come out while still playing in a major American sport.

NBA's Jason Collins Is First Active Player To Come Out As Gay

A veteran of 12 seasons in the league, the basketball player says he's going public now because he's confronted "who I really am and what I really want." While some players from major team sports have come out after retiring, he's the first to do so while still planning to play.

Crazy Photo: Reporter Snaps Pic As Baseball Nearly Beans Her

At Fenway Park in Boston, Fox Sun Sports' Kelly Nash turned her back to the field to take a photo of herself. Just as she clicked, a baseball flew past the back of her head. The photo's amazing.

Tim Tebow Cut By NFL's Jets

,In two years he's gone from being the hottest name in the NFL to being out of a job. He's had problems passing the ball. Experts say that if he would accept a different role, perhaps as a running back, Tebow might be able to land with another team. But he reportedly still wants to be a quarterback.

The NFL Draft: Football's Dog And Pony Show

Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin talks with NPR's Mike Pesca about how the NFL draft is not sports or news; it's entertainment. Plus a curve ball about how the Oklahoma City Thunder get their fans to color-coordinate their clothes.