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Styling The NBA

Basketball star Carmelo Anthony is known off the court for his signature fashion flare. Host Michel Martin speaks with his stylist, Khalilah Williams-Webb, about what goes into dressing Anthony and other high-profile clients.

Plenty Of Overtime NHL Playoff Games Attributed To Parity

The Boston Bruins are ahead three games in their series with the New York Rangers. The reigning champion Los Angeles Kings, meanwhile, lost to San Jose and their series is tied at 2-2.

Backing Becks: Don't Knock The Soccer Star's Talents

After the announcement that David Beckham is retiring, there's been much discussion about how good of an athlete he's really been. Sports commentator Frank Deford says Beckham's talents have been overlooked.

Big Changes At U.S. Speedskating Body, But Scandals Linger

Rebellious athletes, drained budgets, dysfunctional management and a string of embarrassing scandals. Persistent turmoil at U.S. Speedskating threatened American success at the looming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. So USS has undergone a major reorganization.
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George Washington University Adds Monument Images To Basketball Court

The court in the Charles E. Smith Center will feature images of the White House, U.S. Capitol and Washington Monument.


Courtside Chemistry: How NBA's Phil Jackson Won 'Eleven Rings'

Jackson is famous for his philosophical take on basketball and for the many stars he led to championship triumphs. He taught his players yoga and gave them assigned reading — but also pushed them to intensely practice fundamental skills. His new book looks back on a legendary coaching career.
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Military Bowl Leaves D.C. For Maryland

The city's only major college football game is headed to Annapolis, where organizers say it will better highlight efforts to raise money for organizations that support the armed forces.


Sports: Rallying For Wrestling

Host Rachel Martin speaks with NPR's Mike Pesca about wrestling. The Iran and U.S. teams were supposed to face off in Los Angeles, and the sport is battling to stay in the Olympics.