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Serena Williams Wins French Open, Clinches 16th Grand Slam

Williams beat Russia's Maria Sharapova, 6-4, 6-4 for her first win at the French Open in more than a decade.

Some Stats Give More Bounce Than Others, NBA Game Shows

Thursday night, the Miami Heat out-rebounded the San Antonio Spurs. But they lost. In fact, both teams in the finals are horrible rebounding teams. So how did they get this far? By doing other things very well. In the NBA, some statistics are more important than others.

Salt, Flies, Pickled Tongues: A Perfect Great Salt Lake Swim

Open water swimmers in Utah perform weekly marathon swims in water five times saltier than the ocean. They endure blisters, wild currents, a variety of temperatures and water that tastes "like a battery." They treasure the beautiful view and the refuge from boat traffic.

Is It A Surprise That The Government Is Monitoring Your Calls?

The White House says the NSA needs to collect citizens' phone records to protect the country from terrorist threats. But is it in our best interests or just another example of Big Brother? The Barbershop guys weigh in.

Spurs Beat The Heat In Game 1 Of NBA Finals

The Miami Heat won't be sweeping the San Antonio Spurs, as many analysts predicted. In fact, the Heat's path to the championship just got more difficult. After Sunday's game in Miami, the series goes to San Antonio for (if necessary) three straight games.

Gatlin Beats Bolt In 100 Meters For The First Time

For Justin Gatlin, 31, Thursday's win is a decisive step in the comeback that saw him win the bronze medal in the event at last summer's London Olympics.