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Bush Doesn't Fault Obama For Playing Golf

President Obama has been criticized for playing too much golf. But former President George W. Bush tells the Golf Channel that the sport is a good outlet for the pressures of the White House.

U.S. Team Sails Back From Brink In America's Cup

Last week, it looked bleak for defending champion Oracle Team USA, but flukey wind and better tactics have kept them in the running against Emirates Team New Zealand.

NFL Veteran Recounts The Bruises And Breaks Of Life In The League.

Former NFL receiver Nate Jackson's new memoir, Slow Getting Up, is a raw account of his six years on the field. Jackson spent most of that time with the Denver Broncos, and while he wasn't a star, he got just as banged up as the big-name players — and learned to play through the pain.

Extra Wild Card Adds Man-Made Drama To MLB

Did late-season baseball get more exciting or more absurd with the addition of a second wild card post-season slot? NPR's Mike Pesca talks with host Rachel Martin about the manufactured buzz of the wild card race.

New NBA Cameras Could Catch Lazy Players

The NBA has agreed to install high-speed cameras in all 30 pro arenas to capture the motions of players and the ball 25 times per second. Host Rachel Martin talks to Grantland sports reporter Zach Lowe about the technology.

Battling For The Bottom In Chicago Baseball

The Cubs and the White Socks are both in last place in their divisions. How can one major city have two teams in a race to the bottom? Host Scott Simon asks former Weekend Edition Saturday sports commentator Ron Rapoport, editor of a new anthology, From Black Sox to Three Peats: A Century of Chicago's Best Sportswriting.

NFL Treats Hard Hits With A Light Touch

The league overturned the suspension of Dashon Goldson of Tampa Bay for a helmet-to-helmet hit. Host Scott Simon talks with NPR's Tom Goldman about the culture of hard head shots in the NFL.
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Winter Classic Coming To D.C. In 2015, Sources Say

The National Hockey League's outdoor New Year's Day showcase will take place in the nation's capital, if Associated Press sources are to be believed.


VIDEO: Tigers' Fielder Takes Fan's Chip After Chasing Foul

Was it fair or foul that first baseman Prince Fielder took a nacho chip from an unsuspecting fan during Thursday's game? Check out the amusing scene and Fielder's comments afterward.

Cashing In On The Fantasy-Sports Economy

People paid $1.7 billion to play in fantasy leagues last year. Real businesses are springing up to try to profit from the fantasy economy.