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Week In Sports: Big Surprises In Baseball Playoffs

Weekend Edition host Rachel Martin talks with NPR's Mike Pesca for his take on the sports news of the week.

A Shifting Playing Field: Coming Out As A Gay Athlete

Civil rights was once a common cause for pro athletes, but players have been relatively quiet about gay rights. Former athletes have expressed the fear and isolation of their "dirty little secret." Recently, though, there have been a few standout moments for gay rights in the sports world.

Embattled U.S. Speedskating Coach Responds To Resignation And Suspension

Jae Su Chun says he did not verbally or physically abuse his skaters. He also denies telling one athlete to damage a competitor's skates. But he does apologize for not reporting the incident.

Baseball's Division Playoffs Down To Single Games

Robert Siegel talks with Mike Pesca about Major League Baseball's postseason.

If Lance Armstrong Is Stripped, No One May Get His Tour De France Titles

The evidence against the cyclist has "called into question a system and an entire era which remains stained forever," says Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme. He doesn't want to see the second-place finishers in races Armstrong won be given those titles.