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Bullying Scandal Continues To Embroil Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins remain at the center of a scandal over allegations that Richie Incognito bullied fellow teammate Jonathan Martin. Martin walked away from the team last weekend citing harassment from Incognito, and Incognito was suspended from the team while the NFL investigates.

St. Louis Master: 'Diversity Is Big In Chess'

St. Louis might be known for legendary entertainers like Josephine Baker, or star athletes like Yogi Berra, but now there's something else putting the city on the map. It's known as the 'Chess Capital of the World.' Host Michel Martin learns more from St. Louis native and chess National Master, Charles Lawton.

Should Jonathan Martin 'Man Up' Or 'Leave It On The Field?'

The Barbershop guys meet us in St. Louis this week. They'll weigh in on the Miami Dolphins' bullying debate, and ask whether a California high school's mascot is offensive.

'Coaches Know Everything,' Former Dolphins Player Says

As the NFL investigates, a player who was with the team in recent years writes that "the most outlandish lie" is that Dolphins coaches didn't know what was happening. If Richie Incognito had been hazing teammate Jonathan Martin it would have been known, writes Lydon Murtha.
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Wounded Veterans And Adaptive Sports

In 1969, Kirk Bauer lost his leg in a grenade explosion in Vietnam. In 2012, Travis Mills lost portions of four limbs from an improvised explosive device (IED) in Afghanistan. They join Kojo to talk about adaptive sports and the challenging path of recovery facing today's wounded veterans.


VIDEO: Louisville Basketball Player Who Broke His Leg Returns, Hits Shot

Kevin Ware suffered a gruesome injury during last spring's NCAA men's basketball tournament. He reacted with a confidence and sense of humor that won him many fans. Now he's back on the court.

Brazilian Soccer Convention Canceled Amid Funding Foibles

The major soccer convention that was to be staged in Rio de Janeiro on the eve of the World Cup draw has been cancelled. Due to happen next week, organizers said it won't go ahead because of ongoing civil unrest. Brazil's government says it has to do with funding.

The Vatican Reaches Out, A Cricket Match At A Time

The Vatican is vowing to defeat the Church of England — not in the pews but on the cricket pitch. The Vatican has launched a cricket club, which draws from seminarians and priests of different nationalities who live and study in Rome. It's hoped the club will forge ties with teams of other faiths.

Did Coaches Encourage Incognito's Bullying?

Hazing and bullying are commonly found in schoolyards and fraternities. But pro sports? The NFL is investigating possible harassment within the Miami Dolphins between veteran guard Richie Incognito and offensive tackle Jonathan Martin. Host Michel Martin speaks with sportswriter Kevin Blackistone about the culture of bullying and hazing within the NFL.

Splattered Flag-Themed Football Uniforms Have Many Seeing Red

Northwestern University plans to use special uniforms at its Nov. 16 game against Michigan. They're supposed to honor the U.S. military and wounded veterans. Critics, though, say the design makes it look as if blood has been splattered across an American flag. That's just wrong, they say.