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Science Becomes 'Sexy' With Fast Cars And Gangsta Physics

Can science be cool? This week, Ozy co-founder Carlos Watson tells NPR about a gangster-turned-astrophysicist and a race car driver working to making science "sexy" again. Plus, a look at the changing landscape of African art — no tribal masks allowed.

Rape Accusation Still Shadows Heisman Finalist

No charges were filed against Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, but the accuser's lawyer is calling for an independent review of the state's investigation. She says investigators focused on the accuser more than the alleged perpetrator.

If You're Rich, Can You Say You Don't Know Right From Wrong?

A Texas teen escaped a jail sentence after being involved in a drunk-driving accident that killed four people. Defense attorneys say he suffered from 'affluenza' because his privileged parents never set limits for him. The Barbershop guys weigh in on the controversial ruling.

2001 Army-Navy Game Marked By Specter Of Sept. 11

The players that year faced a sobering new reality: The nation was at war, and they'd soon leave the football field behind for the battlefield. In All American, author Steve Eubanks recalls that game through the eyes of two players — Army quarterback Chad Jenkins and Navy linebacker Brian Stann.

Citing Concussion Concerns, Pro Baseball To Ban Home Plate Collisions

Major League Baseball plans to eliminate home plate collisions, among other rules changes. For more on what the changes will mean for the game, Melissa Block speaks with Mike Piazza, a former MLB catcher with several professional teams and author of Long Shot, an autobiography.

Alabama's Kicker Gets Condolences From 'Another 43'

No. 43 Cade Foster missed two kicks and had a third blocked in a game against rival Auburn. But Foster got a note from someone who can relate: George W. Bush, the 43rd president. "Life has its setbacks. I know!" he wrote.

Baseball Plans To Ban Home Plate Collisions; Good Idea?

When runners barrel into catchers, the impact can send one or both to the injured list. Major League Baseball is moving to make it against the rules for a runner to intentionally "target" a catcher and for a catcher to block home plate.

Some Young Athletes May Be More Vulnerable To Hits To The Head

Student athletes know they need to avoid concussions. But hits that don't cause concussion symptoms can affect the brain, too. Researchers are now trying to figure out who is most at risk from those smaller hits, and if they can be warned in advance.
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Redskins Bench RG3 For Rest Of Season

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will watch the rest of the season from the bench, as the prospects for the teams season continue to look more bleak.


Should Character Count In Sports Awards?

When it comes to awards in theater or television or dance or literature, Frank Deford observes, candidates don't worry about losing out because of a personal flaw. Only sports applies that off-the-field standard.