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VIDEO: Boos And A Blooper For A-Rod

Watch and listen as a Chicago crowd gives Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez the business when he returns to the lineup on the same day he was hit with a 211-game suspension (which he's appealing). A-Rod managed to pop the ball into left field for a hit.

Baseball Fans Divided Over Drug Suspensions

Major League Baseball has suspended 13 players for violating the league's drug policy. New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez was suspended for more than 200 games, until the end of next season.

Major League Baseball Works To Win Fans' Trust

Monday was a historic one for Major League Baseball after 13 players were suspended for violating the league's drug policy. It's the largest group of players ever sanctioned at one time in an anti-doping action. Is baseball hoping the scope of this sends a message?

In Baseball, Punishments Often Come With An Asterisk

By suspending New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, Major League Baseball stopped short of the lifetime ban that had been threatened. But in the league's history, even lifetime bans have sometimes translated into suspensions of less than a year.

Alex Rodriguez Among MLB Players Suspended For Doping

On Monday, Major League Baseball dropped the hammer on more than a dozen players for using performance-enhancing drugs. Twelve have accepted 50 game suspensions. Alex Rodriguez was suspended through 2014, pending appeal.

Talent Or Skill?: Honing In On The Elusive 'Sports Gene'

Do big league hitters have naturally faster reflexes? Are African-Americans predisposed to be better athletes? In his new book, Sports Illustrated's David Epstein says science now has answers — or at least insights — to all these questions.

NFL: Is The Game Getting Safer?

As fans and teams get ready for another season of football, a new study sheds light on game safety. Host Michel Martin talks with Jesse David of Edgeworth Economics about whether efforts to cut down on serious injuries are getting results.
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Former Baltimore Colt Art Donovan Dies at 89

One of the most beloved athletes in Baltimore history, Art Donovan, has died. The former Baltimore Colt was 89.


You Be The Commissioner: What Should Happen To A-Rod?

The Yankees' third baseman is expected to be hit with a suspension that would keep him out of games for the rest of this season and all of 2014. But he's also expected to appeal that punishment, which would mean he could play while an arbitrator reviews the case.

A-Rod Said To Be Facing Long Suspension From Baseball

Major League Baseball is expected to hand down suspensions to several players implicated in performance enhancing drug use. New York Yankees all star Alex Rodriguez is the most prominent name on the list, and he also faces the longest suspension.