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The Cost To Keep The Home Team At Home May Not Be Worth It

Increasingly, privately owned sports teams aren't just asking for newer, fancier digs. They're also asking the public to pay half — or more — of the bill.

Will The NFL End 'Blackout' Rule For TV Broadcasts?

One upon a time, the National Football League had trouble packing its stadiums. To encourage fans to attend games instead of watching them at home, the games did not air on local TV. Today, filling stadium seats is not usually a problem, but the so-called blackout rules endure — at least for now. Sportswriter Stefan Fatsis joins Audie Cornish to talk about that and check in on the NFL's season.

Dennis Rodman In North Korea 'To Open Doors For America'

The visit is the ex-NBA star's third to the country this year. He says he'll visit strongman Kim Jong Un, a man he's described as his "friend for life."

Obama's Jab At Russia In Keeping With Olympic Tradition

President Obama is staying home from next year's Winter Games, sending openly gay athletes instead to scold Russia for its anti-gay policies. This isn't the first time politics has intruded on the Olympics. Although the games are intended to be an apolitical athletic gathering, they have frequently provided a platform for protest.

Obama, Biden Won't Go To 2014 Olympics, But Gay Athletes Will

LGBT activists are hailing the Obama administration's choice of a delegation to attend the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. It doesn't include the President or Vice President or their wives or even cabinet secretaries. Instead the delegation includes prominent gay athletes. This is seen as a rebuke of Russia's new anti-propaganda law that targets those who are LGBT.
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The Science and Psychology of Personal Fitness

Research shows that fitness must be more than an annual resolution soon forgotten. We explore the hot fitness trends in the region and examine what types of exercise work best.


Gays In U.S. Olympic Delegation Will Send Message To Russia

Tennis great Billie Jean King and ice hockey medalist Caitlin Cahow will be going to the games. President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will not be. LGBT advocates say the White House has made clear its displeasure with Russian policies toward gays and others.

Why Black College Football Players Fall Behind In Education

New research raises concerns about low graduations rates for black college football players. Host Michel Martin finds out more from education reporter Emily Richmond, and professor Shaun Harper of the University of Pennsylvania's Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education.

Brain Injuries Cause For Concern In Baseball Too

Reports show former Major League Baseball player Ryan Freel, who took his own life last year, suffered from a degenerative brain disease. Injuries like that are usually associated with the hard knocks of football. Host Michel Martin talks with sports writer Pablo Torre about the prevalence of brain injuries in other sports.

Why The American Dream Is Still Alive In Sports

These days, with salary caps and benevolent socialism, if a team has wise management, it has a chance, observes Frank Deford — even if it's a franchise in an itsy-bitsy market. That's a big change from when the leagues were invariably dominated by dynasties.