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In Super Bowl Week, Hall Of Famers Return — As Salesmen

Endorsement deals can offer retired players millions beyond their sports or TV contracts. In return for these millions, these former Hall of Famers plug the product they're endorsing. But some take the endorsements to an extreme, sprinkling brand names into conversations that have nothing to do with those products.
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After "Dr. V": Transgender Representation In Sports

It started as an investigative story about a "scientifically superior" golf club. But when "Dr. V's Magic Putter" revealed -- without her consent -- that the inventor was transgender, the article quickly morphed into a cautionary tale. Kojo explores the ethics questions raised by the story, and how organized sports leagues have tried to accommodate trans athletes.


The Super Bowl: Looking Forward To The 'Spectacle'

The Super Bowl is upon us! From the commercials, to counting how many times Peyton Manning yells "Omaha," the Barbershop guys share what they're looking forward to the most.

The Surprising After Effects Of A Notorious 'Wardrobe Malfunction'

Audie Cornish speaks with writer Marin Cogan about the infamous "wardrobe malfunction" incident at the Super Bowl halftime show featuring Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, which happened a decade ago this month. Marin wrote a piece on the incident that is featured in ESPN the Magazine.

American Barista Fulfills Olympic Dream – On Swiss Hockey Team

Jessica Lutz has shuttled between Europe and the U.S., with the goal of getting to the Sochi Olympics. For most of the last year, she crafted latte art at a Washington, D.C., coffee shop.

Ron 'Jaws' Jaworski On What It's Like To Play The Super Bowl

Jaworski spent 16 years in the NFL, most of them with the Philadelphia Eagles, the team he took to the Super Bowl in 1981. Now the former quarterback works as a football analyst for ESPN. He tells Fresh Air's Dave Davies about what it feels like to play in the big game.

Sports Writer Ray Didinger On The Myth Of The 'Dumb' Football Player

Didinger, who has been covering football for decades, says there's a lot of thought that goes into successfully executing a football play. He tells Fresh Air's Dave Davies, "I really don't think you can be truly a dumb guy and play this game at the NFL level."

Could Northwestern Football Union Even Out College Priorities?

Labor leaders say most of the players on Northwestern University's football team want to form a union. Host Michel Martin speaks with former Wildcats' quarterback Kain Colter, and National College Players Association President Ramogi Huma about the effort.

Racing's Michael Schumacher Being Woken From Coma

The German driver fell while skiing in France last month and struck his head. Since then, he's been in a medically induced coma and doctors have operated twice. The process of waking him may "take a long time," Schumacher's manager says. It's too soon to say much about his post-coma prospects.

Cold Super Bowl Could Lead To More Turnovers

This Sunday's Super Bowl features the team with the No. 1 defense — the Seattle Seahawks — against the team with the No. 1 offense, the Denver Broncos. That is surprisingly rare, and has happened just a few times in the 48 Super Bowls to date.