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After A 5-Year Struggle, Soccer Player Gets A Second Chance

Sunday's MLS Cup features a player with one leg shorter than the other, metal plates in his face and an ear-to-ear scar. Charlie Davies, nearly killed in a 2009 car crash, is finally back on his game.

Pro Athletes Show Support For Ferguson Protesters

After a rough start, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are winning.'s Howard Bryant tells NPR's Scott Simon that off the court, James has been outspoken on political issues.

Less Wrestling, More Sport In Roller Derby World Cup

Players with names like Enemy, Tantrum and Blockadile Dundee are competing in this weekend's Roller Derby Blood and Thunder World Cup. The competition features teams from 30 countries.

Journalist Documents The Many 'Trials Of Oscar Pistorius'

Oscar Pistorius stunned the world when he ran on prosthetic legs in the 2012 Olympics, then shot his girlfriend dead months later. NPR's Scott Simon asks John Carlin about his new book on the athlete.

Idris Elba Plays A Soccer Coach Out To Crush Ebola In New Ad Campaign

The British actor and a group of African soccer stars have teamed up with the CDC in a new public health campaign. The message: Ebola "is not an ordinary game. This is life or death."

Wilt Chamberlain Gets Extra-Long Stamp

The NBA great, who's 7'1", is the first pro basketball player featured on a U.S. stamp. Kadir Nelson, the artist who created it, tells The New York Times, "We still had trouble fitting him in."

At Beer Mile Championships, Scientist Sets New Women's Record

In a dizzying finish, American Elizabeth Herndon set a new women's mark in the Beer Mile World Championships in Austin, Texas, last night.

It Wasn't Pretty, But 76ers Manage To Win Their First Game Of The Season

The game got off to a bizarre start when the teams went for the wrong baskets. Still, the 76ers managed to avoid tying a record for the worst start to an NBA season.

Flag On The Play! Playoffs May Shift Focus From Football's Fumbles

As fans prepare for the first college playoff games, commentator Frank Deford points out that the sport faces far more serious problems than which school will win the conference title.

Sports Commissioners Absent From Senate Hearing On Domestic Abuse

With domestic violence by sports figures in the news, members of the Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on the issue. But not one commissioner — from the NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL — showed up.