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Big Papi, Worst-To-First, 1918: Your World Series Must-Knows

The Boston Red Sox are world champions after beating the St. Louis Cardinals. Here's a cheat sheet about the World Series.

Red Sox Win World Series In Boston

The Boston Red Sox clinched the World Series title with a 6-1 win at home Wednesday against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Red Sox Win World Series In 6-1 Rout Of Cardinals

The Boston Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals 6-1 Wednesday to win the World Series, using timely hits by outfielder Shane Victorino, a gritty pitching performance by starter John Lackey, and the feared bat of 37-year-old designated hitter David Ortiz to capture its third world championship in a decade.

Game 6 Of The World Series: What You Need to Know

Only one team has a chance of winning the World Series tonight in Game 6: the Boston Red Sox. The St. Louis Cardinals have a chance to lose the series — or they can force a decisive Game 7 at Fenway Park tomorrow night. Boston fans are paying top dollar for the chance to see their team clinch a World Series at home — something that hasn't happened in 95 years.
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Oneida Indian Nation Rep. 'Disappointed' After Meeting With NFL Execs

Representatives of the Oneida Indian Nation say they wish there had been a better outcome after their first meeting with NFL officials on Wednesday afternoon.


Red Sox Worst-To-First Season Leaves Fans Elated Yet Exhausted

As the world series continues at Fenway Park in Boston Wednesday night, so will bed-time battles with young Sox fans. The post season has left many kids — and adults — on the East Coast struggling to keep their eyes open at work and school.

Before Marathoners Had Energy Bars ...

Long before there was an industry supplying athletes with high-tech energy fuel, marathoners had to make due with what they had. And what they had may disgust you.

Feeling Really Lucky? Try Betting On The 76ers

Anybody who bets on the Philadelphia 76ers to win the NBA title has a chance at a serious payoff. In Las Vegas, odds against them are 9,999 to 1. Asked how they came up with that figure, oddsmakers say it's just the highest number their computers can take.

Can NASCAR Steer Itself Back Into Popularity?

Commentator Frank DeFord has some theories about why NASCAR is having trouble expanding its audience.

Boston's 'Big Papi' Shines In World Series

The World Series moves to Boston for game six, and the Red Sox are one win away from the title. It has been a team effort to get to this point, but the one player in particular stands out: first baseman and designated hitter David "Big Papi" Ortiz.