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To Get Olympic Snow, Machines Give Nature A Nudge

The 2014 Winter Olympics will unfold in a resort town on the relatively warm Black Sea — a testament to how far man-made snow has come in recent years. The strategy to supply snow includes a massive system of more than 550 machines — plus insulated blankets to protect piles of already-made white stuff.
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Shanahan Refuses To Comment On Relationship With Redskins Owner

Several reports have highlighted the dysfunctional relationship between Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan and team owner Dan Snyder, but the coach refused to comment on that Monday.


Baseball's Torre, La Russa, Cox Add Another Title: Hall Of Famer

Taken together, retired baseball managers Joe Torre, Tony La Russa and Bobby Cox won eight World Series titles and 7,558 games. Their names appeared on all of the voters' ballots Sunday.

Broncos' Prater Kicks Record 64-Yard Field Goal

In 1970, the Saints' Tom Dempsey — who was born with no toes on his right foot — hit a 63-yard field goal to win the game, and it stood as the record for decades. Until Sunday's kick by Denver's Matt Prater.

Just How Unfair Is The U.S.'s World Cup Draw?

What's the best way to pick a sport's ultimate champion? Host Rachel Martin speaks with NPR's Mike Pesca about the fickle nature of competitions, from the World Cup to the NFL playoffs to college football playoffs.

An 'Accidental Activist,' And England's World Cup Hope

Ozy co-founder Carlos Watson talks about a rising star in soccer who could turn things around for England in the 2014 World Cup, and a Bahraini woman who calls herself an 'accidental activist.'

With Stellar Football Season, Duke Has New Team To Celebrate

Duke University is known for its basketball. But this year, Duke's fans are cheering for their football team, which has won the most games in its history. Lead by the national coach of the year, the Blue Devils are headed the Atlantic Coast Conference championship game.

Swimmers Cheer, And Strip, For Volleyball Team In Louisville

The University of Louisville women's volleyball team is undefeated at home in Kentucky this season. Doesn't hurt that members of the men's swim team attend home games, each wearing 26 items of clothing — removing one every time the Lady Cardinals score. Host Scott Simon talks with head coach Anne Kordes about the new cheerleaders.

Florida, Ohio, Auburn Battle In Bowl Championship Series

College football's final weekend before bowls are determined offers intrigue and suspense. Host Scott Simon talks with NPR sports correspondent Tom Goldman about how college football's championship is shaping up, plus the fallout from the World Cup draw.

Nelson Mandela, The Sports Fan

The South African leader, a former boxer, knew hosting the Rugby World Cup in 1995 would be an opportunity to bring the country together. Host Scott Simon speaks with journalist John Carlin, author of the book that later became the movie Invictus, about Nelson Mandela's shrewd use of sports.