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The Woes Of The World Cup Fans Far From Home

It isn't easy being a World Cup fan in a country where spouses and bosses just don't understand soccer. WNYC's Jim O'Grady reports that some immigrants with World Cup fever in the U.S. must go to great lengths to catch their home country's games on TV.

Ladles, Feathers, Squibs And Hooks: Doc Emrick's Keys To Calling A Pass

Legendary NHL play-by-play announcer Michael "Doc" Emrick takes a break from the Stanley Cup finals to discuss how he prepares for calling games, as well as the many ways to describe a pass.

Brazil Furious Over Ad Showing Christ The Redeemer In An Italian Jersey

Brazil's Catholic Church has threatened a lawsuit against Italian state broadcaster RAI, which has since withdrawn the ad with the famous statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro dressed in "Azzurri" blue.

How Brazil Saved The World Cup In The Aftermath Of World War II

Germany invaded Poland in 1939, and the world's biggest sporting event was almost relegated to the second division of history. That's when Brazil stepped up.

Soccer Fans Eager To Get World Cup Action Underway

Despite strikes and protests, fans are converging on Brazil in advance of the World Cup. The soccer tournament starts on Thursday. People from all over the world are getting into the soccer spirit.

Go Ahead, Host A Giant Sports Spectacular. But It Will Cost You

Commentator Frank Deford compares FIFA, the organization that puts on soccer's World Cup, with the International Olympic Committee — and finds both lacking.

German-Born U.S. Soccer Coach Flusters Fans With Charm And Menace

German-born coach Jurgen Klinsmann is leading the U.S. soccer team into the World Cup this week. Sam Borden recently profiled Klinsmann for The New York Times, and Borden explains how the European-American hybrid may help the team advance.
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World Cup 2014: A Local Guide

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing in Brazil. And bars and restaurants around Washington are catering to fans to specific expats, immigrant communities and local fan groups. We find out the best place to watch (almost) all 32 teams competing this summer.


The Name(s) Of The Game: The Trials Of The World Cup Announcer

When the World Cup kicks off Thursday in Brazil, viewers can expect to hear the familiar voice of play-by-play commentator Ian Darke. Darke shares how he manages to identify hundreds of players.

U.S. Men's Soccer Team Braces For World Cup Challenges

The World Cup begins Thursday in Brazil. The U.S. team has its first match against Ghana the following week, the start of the so called "group of death."