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Man Gets 8 Months In Jail After Driving VW Hatchback Onto Race Track

The prank might represent a daydream of many would-be racers. But it also proved why such dreams should be pursued with both care and the proper equipment.

Lawsuit, Drug Raid Raises Questions About NFL Painkiller Practices

Federal drug agents searched several NFL medical staffs this weekend, part of an ongoing investigation into alleged prescription drug abuse. Players have also filed a lawsuit about how painkillers are administered by teams.

Diplomacy Through Cricket? It's All In How You Spin It

Many attempts have been made by India and Pakistan to ease regional tensions through cricket. But the sport's reputation as the "Gentlemen's Game" is a lie: deceit, betrayal and bare-faced criminality abound.

University Turns To E-Sports For New Scholarship Opportunities

Robert Morris University is recruiting highly skilled League of Legends players for scholarships. Host Robert Siegel talks to Manoush Zomorodi, host of the WNYC podcast New Tech City.

Lakers May Be Losing Games, But They're Still Winning Latino Fans

The Lakers are the only NBA team with a dedicated Spanish-language TV channel and broadcast crew. And it makes sense: almost half of the 10 million people in LA County are Hispanic.

In Texas, Amputees Get Their Shot At The 'Sweet Science' Of Boxing

In San Antonio amputees who aspire to be serious boxers are getting in the ring and competing. Texas became the first state to sanction competitive amputee boxing.

The Case For — And Against — Gambling On NBA Games

Only in Nevada is it legal to bet on games. The NBA commissioner says its time to legalize sports gambling.'s Mike Pesca talks with NPR's Rachel Martin about the odds of that happening.

Chicago Dominates The Week In Sports

Jay Cutler's having another rough season with the Bears, while Bulls point guard Derrick Rose can't seem to stay off the injured list. NPR's Scott Simon talks Chicago sports with NPR's Tom Goldman.
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Should Washington's Football Team Change Its Name?

Have a strong opinion about the name of Washington's National Football League team? WAMU 88.5 wants to hear from you.


NBA Commissioner Calls For Legalization Of Sports Gambling

Sports gambling is widely popular but, outside of Nevada, it's illegal and done largely in the shadows. Now, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has written an op-ed in The New York Times calling for its legalization. Sportswriter Stefan Fatsis talks to Audie Cornish about that and other things NBA.