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Enthusiasts Encourage More Women To Give Hunting A Shot

Hunting is a popular U.S. pastime, but most hunters are male. A women's foundation in Wyoming is trying to change that through mentorship and a new women's hunting competition. The sport isn't just fun, the group says; it's also a good way for mothers to put food on the table.
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Tighter Security Planned For Army Ten-Miler

The thousands of participants and spectators planning to attend the 29th annual Army Ten Miler this Sunday should expect heightened security.


Play Ball: Do Fans Have Amnesia Over Steroid Scandal?

It's baseball bonanza with some of the barbershop guys' home teams in the playoffs. But has all the excitement made them forget about the steroid scandal from last summer? Host Michel Martin checks in with writer Jimi Izrael, sports editor Dave Zirin, law professor Paul Butler and NPR editor Ammad Omar.

NFL Fans Weigh Impact Of Players' Head Injuries

It's been a week since the documentary League of Denial and the book by the same name revealed how the NFL denied and tried to cover up evidence connecting football and brain damage. As the news about concussions mounts, and the NFL faces the issue, this country's love of football may be challenged.
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This Week On Metro Connection: Connections

From rappers and tappers to phones and food, we'll look at the ties that bind us, as we bring you a show about "Connections."


You Asked For It: Frank Deford's Top 12 List

Commentator Frank Deford responds to suggestions of things he should comment on. Here, he takes on the Washington Redskins' name; high school football games on national TV; hockey fights; Pete Rose and the Baseball Hall of Fame; and the tradition of pouring Gatorade on winning coaches.

Feel Old Yet? Roddick And Blake Will Play On Senior Circuit

Recently retired tennis players Andy Roddick, 31, and James Blake, 33, will be joining a circuit of senior players next year, playing alongside legends such as John McEnroe and Andre Agassi.
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VT Vs. UT Game Expected To Break Attendance Record

The Virginia Tech vs. University of Tennessee game is expected to break an attendance record not just for American football, but for all American team sports.


U.S. Olympic Committee Adds Sexual Orientation To Anti-Discrimination Rules

Months ahead of the Winter Olympics in Russia, where controversy surrounds a law that targets homosexuality, protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation is now part of the U.S. Olympic Committee's rules.

Worst NFL Team Takes On The Best

The dismal Jacksonville Jaguars play the formidable Denver Broncos today, a match-up that makes for the biggest point spread ever and possibly the worst regular season NFL game in a long time. NPR's Mike Pesca joins host Rachel Martin and can talk of nothing else.