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Fake Jerseys Work In A Pinch For Bogota Soccer Team

Walk around any city in Colombia and you'll find vendors selling counterfeit soccer jerseys. That came in handy for Bogota's Independiente Santa Fe team. They showed up for an away game in the wrong color, so a team official bought knockoffs from vendors.

How Grambling State Football Went From Top Spots To Boycott

For 55 years, the legendary coach Eddie Robinson built Grambling State University's football program almost from nothing. Under Robinson's watch, the small school in northern Louisiana sent players to the NFL and broke the NCAA's record for wins. But Robinson is long gone and this year the Grambling State Tigers are winless. Last week, the team boycotted, forcing Grabling State to forfeit to Jackson State University. What's happened to Grambling? Melissa Block talks to Sports Illustrated senior writer George Dohrmann about the boycott.
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Sean Taylor Murder Trial Begins

Opening statements for the trial of the alleged shooter in the 2007 slaying of Washington Redskins player Sean Taylor is underway.


'Wheelmen' Exposes Doping Culture And The Armstrong 'Conspiracy'

Wall Street Journal reporters Reed Albergotti and Vanessa O'Connell say that champion cyclist Lance Armstrong was at the center of "the greatest sports conspiracy ever." Their book chronicles everything from group blood transfusions on the team bus to extensive efforts to silence and intimidate those who might expose the abuse.

Detroit Tigers Manager Jim Leyland Steps Down

Leyland has been one of the most-respected and most-successful managers in baseball. He led the Florida Marlins to a World Series title. At Detroit the last eight seasons, he twice led the Tigers to the Series.

Pitching Like It's 1860, Teams Play Ball With Vintage Flair

In this curious base ball league, the umpire wears a top hat and the players drink water out of pewter mugs. The rules and equipment follow 19th-century protocol. A history-lover's dream, the games take place on a farm, evoking the sport's pastoral early years.

St. Louis Heads To World Series; Here's How The Cards Did It

One key inning. One key at-bat. The result: St. Louis heads to its 19th Fall Classic. The Cards will face either the Boston Red Sox or the Detroit Tigers. Those teams play again Saturday night.

Teams Take A Step Closer To World Series

The Cardinals beat the Dodgers Friday night, and Detroit and Boston are back at Fenway on Saturday. Host Scott Simon talks with Howard Bryant of ESPN about the games and what's ahead for the World Series.

Calculating The Worth Of The Redskins Brand

The name of Washington's football team has been hotly debated: criticized for being a racial slur but defended but the team's owner as actually being a kind of tribute to Native Americans. Host Scott Simon talks to Forbes senior editor Kurt Badenhausen about the economics of the Washington Redskins brand.

Ultimate Frisbee Puts On Its Game Face

After years of jokes, Ultimate Frisbee players say they're finally getting some respect. This year the sport received provisional recognition from the International Olympic Committee, and Ryland Barton of KWBU in Waco, Texas, reports that this weekend its national championship will be broadcast live on ESPN3.