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Fla. Prosecutor: No Sexual Assault Charges For FSU Football Star

Florida State Quarterback Jameis Winston will not be charged in connection with an alleged sexual assault. That decision was announced Thursday in Talahassee.

Prosecutor: No Charges Against FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston

The Seminoles QB and Heisman trophy front-runner has been facing allegations that he sexually assaulted a female FSU student in December 2012, prior to his college career.

Steelers Coach Fined $100,000 For Interfering With Play

Mike Tomlin says he takes full responsibility for stepping onto the field during a kickoff return by the Ravens' Jacoby Jones.
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Gregg Easterbrook: "The King Of Sports"

The author of a new book on sports says football is in serious need of reform. From low graduation rates among college players to harmful concussions: what it will take to clean up America's game.


NFL Thursday Matchup: 2 Losing Teams Will Still Get Ratings

This week's Thursday Night Football features two teams that are as far from great as you can get. The Houston Texas face the Jacksonville Jaguars. It may just be the worst matchup of the year.

To Liven Up NFL Pregame Shows, Take A Cue From 'The View'?

The Sunday pregame shows feature interchangeable ex-players and ex-coaches saying the same banal things, one after another. But on female-centered shows, observes Frank Deford, the hosts actually argue, hash things out, laugh and generally behave like flesh-and-blood human beings.

Seahawks Fans Cause Earthquake, Set Noise Record

During Seattle's 34-7 win over New Orleans, the home team's fans went wild. They stomped so hard that a nearby seismometer's needle moved. Meanwhile, the noise at CenturyLink Field was louder than a jet engine.

Ted Williams: A Perfectionist Ballplayer With Many Demons

The hitter had a swing so pure and flawless that Mickey Mantle would watch him take batting practice. But he was also a tormented soul who hurt a lot of people, including himself. Ben Bradlee Jr. delivers a deeply personal account of Williams' life in The Kid.

Adidas To Unveil Design Of World Cup Ball

Sports equipment and apparel company Adidas on Tuesday unveils the soccer ball to be used during next year's World Cup in Brazil. A contest was held to name the ball. The winning name: Brazuca.

A Big Week For NBA News

The Cavaliers made a first round draft pick; the Eastern Conference is tanking but the Western Conference has only two bad teams; and Nets Coach Jason Kidd earned a free timeout by spilling soda on the court. Host Rachel Martin talks with NPR's Mike Pesca for his take on the NBA's week.