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Altidore Will Be Ready For Belgium, U.S. Soccer Says

Forward Jozy Altidore, who missed the U.S. team's last two World Cup games with a strained hamstring, is "ready and available" to play Tuesday, U.S. Soccer has announced.

Luis Suarez Apologizes For Biting Rival At World Cup

The Uruguayan striker was banned by FIFA for biting Italian player Giorgio Chiellini in last week's World Cup soccer game.

1950 World Cup Ticketholder Gets Tickets For 2014 Game

Sanch Belmot, 85, missed the 1950 World Cup final to be with his dying mom. Brazil lost that match. His old ticket will go into a museum in exchange for 3 tickets to this year's final.
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Justin Rose Repeats At Quicken Loans National Golf Tournament

It took a sudden death playoff to get him over the hump, but Justin Rose managed to repeat as winner of the Quicken Loans National golf tournament in Bethesda on Sunday.


Colombia Advances In World Cup, Two Decades After Infamous Murder

In 1994, star player Andres Escobar was killed just weeks after he scored an own goal in the Cup. NPR's Arun Rath speaks with Colombian-American journalist and novelist John Rojas about the crime.
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Ocean City's Dew Tour Runs Up Against July 4 Celebration

The high-flying extreme sports in the Dew Tour brings Ocean City jobs and a boost to the economy, but this year it may run into Independence Day celebrations.


Ted Cruz And The Modern Republican Dilemma

Potential GOP presidential nominee Ted Cruz tells us much about the changing party, according to a new New Yorker profile. NPR's Scott Simon speaks to Jeffrey Toobin, the author of that article.

On The Pitch, At Centre Court: The Week In Sports

Soccer and tennis are a world apart when it comes to sportsmanship, as we've seen in the ongoing World Cup and Wimbledon tournaments. Slate's Mike Pesca talks with NPR's Don Gonyea about the contrast.

Pitcher R.A. Dickey Tells Kids It's OK To Be Different

Pitcher R.A. Dickey is a rare bird in major league baseball: a master of the knuckleball. Now he's also a children's author. NPR's Don Gonyea talks with him about his new book, Knuckleball Ned.

Die-Hard Fans Still Fill The Grids With Balls And Strikes

In an age-old ritual, baseball fans, wielding pencils and scorecards, annotate every play of a game from the stands. The dying practice still has some hard-core practitioners.