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In The World Of Global Gestures, The Fist Bump Stands Alone

Obama does it. And increasingly, so do folks around the world. Why is the fist bump so popular? And do other cultures have similar gestures?
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Back to Reality for Brazil

With the World Cup over, Brazil faces a stagnant economy, poor infrastructure, and wide dissatisfaction with government policies. Kojo explores what's next for the United States' biggest South American trade partner.


Actor Kurt Russell Talks About The Family Business: Baseball

David Greene talks to actor Kurt Russell about the Portland Mavericks, a 1970s independent baseball team created by Kurt's father Bing. Battered Bastards is a documentary about the team.

'Voices of Cycling' Duo Has Shared A Mic For 29 Years

Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen have covered the Tour de France, the sport's most grueling race, together for decades and have developed a rapport that viewers appreciate.

The Life Of Red Klotz, Illustrious Loser To The Harlem Globetrotters

As a basketball coach, Red Klotz had one job — to lose. As a player, coach and general manager of the Washington Generals, Klotz lost countless times to the Harlem Globetrotters. Klotz died at age 93.

Remembering How The Great War Changed U.S. Sports

This summer marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. Commentator Frank Deford considers the war's unlikely impact on American sports.

A New Act In Jeter's Last Season, Before Dwindling All-Star Audience

Major League Baseball's all-star game is Tuesday night in Minneapolis. The night also marks part of a farewell tour for legendary New York Yankee Derek Jeter. Tim Kurkjian of ESPN joins Robert Siegel to talk about the moment.

Germans Return Home With World Cup, Already Worried About Next One

Nearly every team left the World Cup on a sour note, having returned with less than the championship. The one exception? The Cup-winning Germans, whose victory has reverberated throughout the country.

The 3 Scariest Words A Boy Can Hear

"Be a man" — it's a mandate most boys hear at least once in their lives. Former NFL player Joe Ehrmann says it can leave boys ill-equipped to face life's real challenges.

Tipping The Cap To Derek Jeter, An All-Star's All-Star

A stirring tribute ad shows celebrities, fans and rivals giving a nod to the New York Yankees shortstop, who is retiring at the end of this season.