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Proposal Would End Football At University Of Alabama-Birmingham

Alabama is a state known for its college football. But a move to scuttle the football program at the state university in Birmingham is drawing fire from fans, students and athletes alike.
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D.C. Council To Vote On Stadium Deal, Without Reeves Center Swap

The D.C. Council will vote on an bill authorizing the city to help build a new stadium for D.C. United, but recent changes will both save — and cost — the city money.

Actor Mickey Rourke Takes Another Jab At Boxing

Rourke, 62, fought a match in Moscow and won. Some dismissed his opponent. The Daily Mail says Rourke's opponent is homeless and has lost 9 out of his 10 pro matches.

Washington QB Robert Griffin III's Sinking Career; More NFL News

Was the New England Patriots-Green Bay Packers game a Super Bowl preview? Does the putrid NFC South really deserve a spot in the playoffs, or can they give it to the SEC?

Missing Ohio State Football Player Found Dead, Police Say

A student missing since Wednesday was found dead Sunday, apparently from a self-inflicted wound. After he went missing, his mother told police he'd sent a text citing his concussions, the AP reports.

The Week In Sports: NBA's Losers Steal The Headlines

Sometimes the losers in sports are more interesting than the winners. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with's Mike Pesca about losers in basketball.

Why Clif Bar Dropped Athletes In Dangerous Sports

Extreme athletes keep pushing the envelope, and that's causing some sponsors to pull their support. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Outside Magazine's Grayson Schaffer about what makes a sport too risky.

Ray Rice Can Play Pro Football Again, But Will He?

Former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice appealed his suspension from the NFL and won. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Howard Bryant of about the significance of the decision.

Honoring His Grandfather, Boy Breaks Baseball News

It doesn't sound very remarkable: Baseball team signs star. Reporter gets scoop. Reporter tweets news. Except the reporter is 13-year-old Devan Fink. He tells NPR's Scott Simon how it happened.

Helmets Aren't Always Enough To Keep Players Safe

Cricketer Phillip Hughes was wearing a helmet this week when a ball struck and killed him. NPR's Scott Simon wonders if some safety measures also encourage people to take on more risk.