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A Faster Human: Are We Unique In Our Ability To Get Better?

For decades, the speed of racehorses and dogs has stagnated. But humans keep getting faster. On the 60th anniversary of the first time a human ran a mile in under four minutes, we ponder why.

Controversy Over Title IX Protecting Transgender Students

The Department of Education declared that transgender students are protected under Title IX. But there are questions about how that will work on campuses, and what the legal complications might be.

Can Student Journalists Ban 'Redskins' From Their School Paper?

A Pennsylvania school board will decide this month whether students are allowed to ban "Redskins" from their paper. Student editors say it's a racist term and are ready to bring the case to court.

Blessed Be Thy Bicycle: New York Riders Roll Into Church

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine held its 16th annual ceremony to bless the city's bikes and cyclists on Saturday. Some come for God's help; others are just hoping for "a little extra mojo."

Why Michael Sam Might Not Be Drafted

One of the big names at this week's NFL Draft is Michael Sam, the SEC's co-Defensive Player of the Year who came out as gay. Some around the NFL think there's a chance he will go undrafted for reasons other than his sexual orientation.
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UVA Professor Waxes Scientific On Sports

At the Verizon Center, physics professor Lou Bloomfield has been bringing his unique take on "How Things Work" to the fastest game on earth.


For The Clippers, Something to Cheer: A Win In Game 7

The Los Angeles Clippers continue their playoff run, days after the team's owner was banned for life by the NBA. The Clippers ended the Golden State Warriors' season in a back-and-forth game.

Football Team Helps Make One High School Out Of Two

The Cougars are an inner-city football team that defied great odds to win its district championship. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with coach Ed Dunn about a new film that tells the team's story.

Marathoning In Pyongyang: A Unique Way To See The City

For the first time, foreign amateur competitors were allowed to participate in the Pyongyang marathon in North Korea. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with British runner Will Philipps about his experience.

The Week In Sports: NBA Playoffs And A New Baseball Stat

NPR's Rachel Martin talks to's Mike Pesca about the results of last night's three Game Sevens in the NBA playoffs, and an average for on-base plus slugging percentage.