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Seattle Dominates Denver To Win Its First Super Bowl

The Seahawks scored within the first 12 seconds of Super Bowl XLVIII against the Broncos and never slowed down, handily taking home the Lombardi Trophy with a final score of 43-8.

The Games Are A Great Party, But Not A Great Investment

Despite the enormous cost of hosting the Olympics, many former venues are languishing away unused.

Young Athletes Risk Back Injury By Playing Too Much

Sports medicine doctors say they've seen a rise in overuse injuries among kids who train long and hard.

After Decade-Long Fight, Ski Jumper Lindsey Van Is 'Ready To Fly'

The 29-year-old from Park City, Utah, will compete on the U.S. Olympic team in Sochi this month. What it took to get there is more than she ever imagined.

Super Bowl XLVIII: A Political Guide

Neither the Seahawks nor the Broncos are among the top NFL teams when it comes to political contributions, but they're still plenty active.

There's 'More To Life Than Sports': Lineman On Leaving NFL

John Moffitt was an offensive lineman for the Seattle Seahawks for two seasons, and then got traded to another powerhouse team, the Denver Broncos. Those two teams are playing in Super Bowl XLVIII, but Moffitt won't be on the field; he quit midway through this season. Moffitt joins NPR's Rachel Martin to talk about his decision to walk away from football.

Seahawks, Broncos Fans Mingle In D.C. Watering Hole

All season long, it's been a convivial scene at Washington's Penn Quarter sports bar, where fans of the Denver Broncos cheered their team alongside fans of the Seattle Seahawks. The question is, what will happen there on Super Bowl Sunday, when the two teams face off?

Super Bowl Sunday Pits Broncos Against Seahawks

The Broncos and the Seahawks take the field Sunday to play for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in New York. Sports correspondent Mike Pesca speaks with NPR's Rachel Martin about the Super Bowl.

5 Points To Help Simplify Sunday's Super Bowl

Ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl XLVIII, NPR's Mike Pesca dams up the river of hype to create a cool lagoon of Super Bowl reason.

How A Halftime Show Wardrobe Malfunction Changed The Internet

An accidental flash of skin during the 2004 Super Bowl contributed to the birth of YouTube. In another bid for eyeballs, Super Bowl ads are increasingly geared toward female fans.