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NBA Season Starts With Marquee Match-Up

The Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat meet Tuesday. Host Scott Simon covers the latest sports news with NPR's Tom Goldman, including the NBA, the World Series, and a visit to Jamaica by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Baseball's World Series Has A TV Problem

The World Series, now tied at one games apiece, between the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals looks to be as good as fans hoped. And TV ratings are up from last year. The only problem with that bit of good news is that last year's World Series had the lowest ratings of all time. So while 14 million viewers is good thing it's a far cry from the 44 million the World Series drew in 1978. Sportswriter Stefan Fatsis talks to Audie Cornish about Major League Baseball's TV problem.

'Shop-And-Get-Frisked' When You Spend $350 At Barneys

A young black man is suing high-end retailer Barneys, saying he was arrested after buying a $350 belt. Host Michel Martin checks in with the Barbershop guys for a fresh cut on that story and the rest of the week's news.

World Series Now Tied At One Game Apiece

The St. Louis Cardinals evened the World Series with a 4-2 win at Fenway against the Boston Red Sox on Thursday night.

Cardinals Even World Series With Game 2 Win Over Red Sox

The St. Louis Cardinals evened the World Series at one game each Thursday night, using a three-run 7th inning to defeat the Boston Red Sox, 4-2.

Symphonies Show Their Brass In World Series Smackdown Video

Talking smack is practically a right of passage for baseball fans. As the St. Louis Cardinals face off against the Boston Red Sox in the World Series this week, members of the two cities' symphonies — the brass sections, to be exact — took their rivalry to YouTube with a video smackdown.

Reversed Call Gives Sox Opening To Win World Series Game One

In last night's game one of the World Series, umpires changed an out call at second base. Instead of a possible inning-ending double play, the Boston Red Sox went on to score three runs and eventually beat the St. Louis Cardinals.

Did Bullying Claim After 91-0 Game Do More Harm Than Good?

A complaint from a Texas parent after his son's team was trounced has been investigated and dismissed. But did it make a real problem — bullying — look less serious?

All You Need To Know About Game 1 Of The World Series

Boston rolled over St. Louis in the first game of the series, winning 8-1. The Cardinals' performance is being summed up with words such as inept, hapless and self-destruction. Game 2 is Thursday night in Boston.

Red Sox Take One-Game Lead In World Series

The Red Sox won the World Series opener in Boston on Wednesday night, beating the St. Louis Cardinals 8-1.