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U.S. Beats Panama, 1-0, To Win Gold Cup Title

The U.S. men's soccer team was stymied by Panama's efficient defense and their own tight play in the CONCACAF Gold Cup final for more than an hour Sunday, but it took less than one minute for substitute Brek Shea to enter the game and tap the match's lone goal into the net.
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Robert Griffin III Takes It Slow At Redskins Training Camp

Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan says it will take two to three weeks to get their star quarterback into full football shape.


High-Tech Boats Make Waves At America's Cup

Some American yachts in the prestigious sailing race are so advanced, few can compete. Weekend Edition Sunday guest host Susan Stamberg talks with NPR's Mike Pesca about boat races, and about a little bit of football math.

Athletic Glory At An Advanced Age

Sports fans normally are drawn to athletic events to see supremely fit athletes in their prime perform wondrous feats. The appeal of the Senior Games in Cleveland offer a different kind of athletic achievement.
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Land Swap At Heart Of D.C. United Stadium Deal Gives Some Legislators Pause

The deal on a 20,000-seat, $300 million stadium at Buzzard Point in Southwest D.C. revolves around a land swap—and not all legislators say it's a done deal.


Did America's Pastime Originate In England?

New evidence suggests the first recorded game of baseball took place in Surrey in 1749. Guest host Linda Wertheimer has the details.

'You Gotta Keep Smashin' And Smashin' And Smashin'!'

A postcard from a summer staple: the demolition derby. The "demos" have their roots on New York's Long Island, where fans got a thrill from accidental race car crashes. Now at Riverhead Raceway in Riverhead, N.Y., drivers and spectators relish the thrill and excitement of crashing cars on purpose.

U.S. Soccer Team Heads To Gold Cup Finals

The men's team is generating momentum toward the 2014 Wold Cup. Guest host Linda Wertheimer talks to NPR sports reporter Tom Goldman about soccer, as well as baseball doping scandals.

The Yankees Want Him Out But Alex Rodriguez Wants To Stay

The New York Yankees and their star slugger Alex Rodriguez are embroiled in a very public dispute over his future. The Yankees want him gone, but Rodriguez says he's ready to play.

Opponent Who Died After Fight Weighed Heavily On Boxer Emile Griffith

Emile Griffith, a former world champion boxer, died earlier this week. Robert Siegel speaks with Ron Ross, author of Nine ...Ten ... and Out: The Two Worlds of Emile Griffith, for more on Griffith's career and life.