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The World's Watching Soccer, But Basketball Is On The Barbershop's Brain

The most popular global sporting event, the World Cup, kicked off this week in Brazil. But the Barbershop guys are fired up about games closer to home: the NBA finals.

Can A Female Politician Be Insulted Without It Being Sexist?

Debate is raging online about whether profane chants directed at President Dilma Rousseff during Brazil's World Cup match against Croatia were sexist.

World Cup's First Day Marred By Protests

Riot police in Sao Paulo used tear gas and stun grenades against protesters angry over Brazil's attention to the World Cup over the needs of its people. The violence came before the first game began.

Brazil Gets World Cup Started With 3-1 Win Over Croatia

The 2014 World Cup is officially underway. Before the opening game, there were several protests around the country. But the revelry and excitement after the match captured the most attention.

Brazil Wins World Cup Opener Against Croatia, 3-1

After a bad start, Brazil recovered to defeat Croatia in the first game of the iconic soccer competition.

Brazil And Croatia Open World Cup Play On The Pitch

Brazil and Croatia face off in the first game of the 2014 World Cup. Organizers hope the start of the tournament directs attention back on the field and away from the problems in preparation.

Brazilians Greet The World Cup Kickoff With Protests And Tear Gas

In Brazil, thousands of protesters clashed with police just hours before the World Cup opening ceremony. The streets of Sao Paolo were filled with tear gas and concussion grenades.

The Ad Campaign to Turn Washington's Team Name To 'The R Word'

Melissa Block speaks with Chairman Marshall McKay of the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation. His tribe purchased TV space for an ad criticizing the Washington Redskins name, set to run during the NBA finals.

Pakistan May Not Have Made The World Cup Cut, But The Ball Is Another Story

The people of Pakistan may be far more celebrated for cricket than soccer, but that doesn't deter them from taking great pride that their country manufactured the official 2014 World Cup ball.
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Inside One of Our Region's Last Duckpin Bowling Alleys (Rebroadcast)

We visit White Oak Lanes: one of our region's last remaining duckpin bowling alleys.