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Back At You: Batting-Practice Ball Lands In Pitching Machine

Tampa Bay's Matt Joyce hit a ball that caromed off the batting cage — and back into the pitching machine. The ball was quickly fired right back at the surprised outfielder.

Ecuadoran Province Churns Out Top-Notch Soccer Players

Ecuador produces some excellent soccer players, but they predominantly come from the same area. The sparsely populated Pacific coast province of Esmeraldas. What makes it Ecuador's soccer hotbed?

Scientists Keep A Careful Eye On The World Cup Ball

After a botched redesign in 2010 caused the ball to behave erratically, independent scientists have carefully studied the new ball.

Even If Their Team Loses, Japanese Fans Still Sweep The World Cup

It's common to hear of soccer hooligans taunting players and fighting in the stands. In Japan, it's a different story: Soccer fans there have a tradition of cleaning up the stadium after matches.
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Redskins Ruling 'Offends' Free Speech, Says Maryland GOP Candidate

Larry Hogan, the frontrunner in the Republican primary, says the ruling by the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board should "offend anyone concerned about constitutional limits on government power and free speech."

Off The Pitch, Brazilians Mark A More Political Clash

One year from million-strong protest marches in Brazil, Brazilians are marking the anniversary with more demonstrations. There are fewer protesters than a year ago, when Brazilians expressed their anger over World Cup costs and the government's neglect of housing, health, transportation and employment issues at home.

Fumbled Patent: Is It Just A Matter Of Business?

The U.S. Patent Office said the name of Washington's pro football team is "disparaging to Native Americans," cancelling its trademark registration. Gabriel Feldman explains more about the decision.

Dodgers' Ace Kershaw Notches His First No-Hitter

The no-hitters just keep coming for the Los Angeles Dodgers. In less than a month, the team's pitchers have thrown two games without giving up a hit.

Spaniards Can't Hide Disappointment In World Cup Elimination

In a major upset, the world's champion soccer team, Spain, lost to Chile 2-0, and has been eliminated from the World Cup tournament. It was one of the worst performances for a reigning world champion.
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Lawmakers Praise Patent Office For Canceling Redskins Trademarks

Some legislators on Capitol Hill say the U.S. Patent Office did the right thing when it voted to revoke several Redskins trademarks, deeming them offensive.