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For Player At Center Of NFL Bullying Story, A New Opportunity

Former Miami Dolphins player Jonathan Martin has been traded to the San Francisco 49ers. Martin's earlier departure from Miami prompted an in-depth investigation of the Dolphins by the NFL.

In Sports, There's No Such Thing As A Bad Hustle

Outside of sport, the word "hustle" has a negative connotation: A hustle is a scam; a hustler a flimflam man. But in the world of sports, says commentator Frank Deford, you can never hustle too much.

Dallas Seavey Wins Iditarod Despite Lack Of Snow, High Winds

Seavey, 27, was victorious in the iconic dog sled race for a second time, slipping under the famed burled arch in Nome, Alaska, the finish line for the 1,000-mile-long trail.
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New Sports Injury Guidelines Applauded By Fairfax School Administrators

Administrators for public school sports programs in Virginia's Fairfax County are applauding the National Athletic Trainers' Association's new guidelines for concussion injuries.

After A Marathon Game, Two Hockey Teams Split One Trophy

A high school hockey game in Ohio ended in surprise after seven periods of overtime, when officials called it a tie. Chris Irwin, the athletic director of one of the teams, explains the decision.

The Ragged Edge: A Runner Chasing Greatness Finds His Muse

The Boston Marathon is in sight and Eric Ashe is going for broke as he chases his dream of being an elite runner. The quest is about more than the discipline of running. It's about the art of racing.

Indiana To Mandate Concussion-Awareness Training

States are implementing laws aimed at preventing concussions in sports. Indiana may become the first state to mandate concussion-awareness training for high school and youth football coaches.

Detroit's William Clay Ford Dies At Age 88

William Clay Ford, a descendant of auto industry pioneer Henry Ford and owner of the Detroit Lions, has died at age 88. He bought the NFL team in 1963.

The Rebound, The Intersection Of Self-Containing Half Spaces

Did you miss the MIT conference on sports analytics? Slate's Mike Pesca tells NPR's Rachel Martin about the new tracking technology used in basketball, which puts rebounding in whole new light.

15 Seconds To Nowhere: Goldsprints Bring Bikes To The Bar

You'll find bike racers indoors this winter, racing in bars. At goldsprints racing events, the arena contains stationary bicycles, rowdy crowds and beer.