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VIDEO: World Series Smackdown, Symphony Style

Who knew that classical musicians could talk trash? Check out how the orchestras from the two cities in this year's World Series have had some fun getting into each other's faces.

Grambling Football Strike: Do College Athletes Have Rights?

Football players at Grambling State University in Louisiana refused to play this past weekend, complaining about unsanitary facilities and unsafe equipment. Host Michel Martin talks more about the issue with The Root's Corey Dade, who used to play football at Grambling, and The Nation's Dave Zirin.

Red Sox Raise Spirits In Wounded Boston

Just getting back to the World Series would have been exciting enough for Bostonians, but in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, the Red Sox's success brings a new rallying point for a wounded city. Still, there's always the danger of trivializing tragedy.

What To Watch For In The World Series

David Greene talks to NPR's Mike Pesca about this year's World Series, which starts Wednesday night in Boston.

Frank Deford: 'Some Of Us Are More Valiant Than The Rest'

As the World Series begins, the sports commentator longs for proof of the existence of a legitimate clutch hitter. Stats guys say that the clutch is a random crap shoot.

NCAA Won't Ban Miami Hurricanes From Bowls Over Booster's Gifts

The University of Miami "lacked institutional control" and didn't notice multiple violations by a booster who gave cash and gifts to athletes, the NCAA said. But the organization's penalties are not as harsh as they might have been.

Fake Jerseys Work In A Pinch For Bogota Soccer Team

Walk around any city in Colombia and you'll find vendors selling counterfeit soccer jerseys. That came in handy for Bogota's Independiente Santa Fe team. They showed up for an away game in the wrong color, so a team official bought knockoffs from vendors.

How Grambling State Football Went From Top Spots To Boycott

For 55 years, the legendary coach Eddie Robinson built Grambling State University's football program almost from nothing. Under Robinson's watch, the small school in northern Louisiana sent players to the NFL and broke the NCAA's record for wins. But Robinson is long gone and this year the Grambling State Tigers are winless. Last week, the team boycotted, forcing Grabling State to forfeit to Jackson State University. What's happened to Grambling? Melissa Block talks to Sports Illustrated senior writer George Dohrmann about the boycott.
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Sean Taylor Murder Trial Begins

Opening statements for the trial of the alleged shooter in the 2007 slaying of Washington Redskins player Sean Taylor is underway.


'Wheelmen' Exposes Doping Culture And The Armstrong 'Conspiracy'

Wall Street Journal reporters Reed Albergotti and Vanessa O'Connell say that champion cyclist Lance Armstrong was at the center of "the greatest sports conspiracy ever." Their book chronicles everything from group blood transfusions on the team bus to extensive efforts to silence and intimidate those who might expose the abuse.