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As He Retires, Cricket Superstar Gets India's Highest Honor

Sachin Tendulkar, the "little master," ended his career on Saturday. He's been given the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian honor, for being a "true ambassador" for his nation. No other sports star has been given that honor.

Australia Celebrates A World-Record Ocean Crossing

The 1973 Las Balsas expedition was the first, and so far only, multiple-raft crossing of the Pacific Ocean. It is the longest known raft voyage in history, covering 9,000 miles. The people of northern New South Wales in Australia have organized a festival this month to celebrate the anniversary of the Las Balsas expedition.

Chess Superstar Battles Chess Sex Symbol

The World Chess Championship, underway in India, features a faceoff between the sport's heavyweights. Guest host Don Gonyea can't help but inject politics to his conversation with NPR's Tom Goldman, as this week President Obama used sports metaphors to talk about the rollout of the Affordable Care Act.

Pro Wrestling Mythology Plays Out In 'Squared Circle'

Professional wrestling is a big show, full of big characters with elaborate back stories delivering crushing blows in the ring. But, says David Shoemaker, it's also full of real athleticism and pain. Guest host Don Gonyea talks with Shoemaker, also known as "The Masked Man," about his new book, The Squared Circle: Life, Death, and Professional Wrestling.

After Further Review, MLB Okays Instant Replay

Other sports leagues have fully embraced instant replay to help officiating for years. Major League Baseball stubbornly held out...until Thursday. Owners approved a plan for instant replay starting next season. Sportswriter Stefan Fatsis tells Robert Siegel about that development and other off-season baseball matters including, Derek Jeter: Book Publisher.

NFL Scandal Reveals Blurry Line Between Bonding And Bullying

The NFL is investigating allegations of hazing by a Miami Dolphins player against his teammate. Many in the league believe better performance can be achieved through peer-led actions that will "toughen up" perceived weaker members of the team. Do these methods work and what's considered crossing the line?

Letters From Parents To Their Kids That'll Make You Smile (Or Cry)

Tough parents and tough kids often struggle to express love without, well, saying it aloud. Here are two stories about trying to break emotional barriers.
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What To Do About Workplace Bullying

The allegation of bullying among Miami Dolphins players is raising questions about harassment on the job in a variety of workplaces. We look at what constitutes workplace bullying and what to do about it.


2 Summer Olympic Cities Are Chasing The 2022 Winter Games

Beijing and Stockholm, Sweden, are vying to become the first city to have hosted both summer and winter Olympics. They're among six cities that submitted bids by Thursday's deadline.

Mighty Sachin Has Bowed Out: It's Over For Tendulkar

The "little master," India's greatest cricketer, is heading into retirement. In what's likely his last time at bat, he scored 74 runs, short of the "century" that fans had been hoping for, but helping his team build an almost insurmountable lead.