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Rams Pick Michael Sam, First Openly Gay Player Drafted In NFL

In the seventh round of the NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams have picked Michael Sam, paving the way for him to be the first openly gay player in the league.

Athletes Chased By Technology In The Sport Of Anti-Doping

As testing for doping in sports becomes more sophisticated, so do the drugs. Looking at the recent history of cycling can make you wonder how many cheaters continue to slip by undetected.

Coffee And Cups: 2 Stories Of High Stakes And High Prices

Paying $15 for a cup of coffee may sound alarming. co-founder Carlos Watson tells NPR's Arun Rath why some think it can be worth it. They also discuss a rising star on Portugal's soccer team.

Youth Football Clinics Try A New Angle To Prevent Concussions

Heads Up Football is leading hundreds of training sessions across the country to teach kids a safer stance to avoid head injury. But in the heat of the game, will they forget and hit headfirst?

Michael Sam Waiting For An Invite In NFL Draft Spectacle

The spectacle of the NFL draft round enters its third day. NPR's Scott Simon talks with correspondent Tom Goldman about meritocracy, race and politics in sports.

Heisman Winner Slides In NFL Draft, Caught By Cleveland

The NFL draft opened Thursday night, and as sportswriter Stefan Fatsis notes, it wasn't short on drama. The most talked-about draftee, quarterback Johnny Manziel, slid to the 22nd pick. Stretched across the whole weekend, the draft has become all but ubiquitous.

Spain Fines Team Of Racist, Banana-Throwing Fan, But Is It Enough?

Soccer, Spain's national pastime, has been tainted by racism. After two recent ugly incidents, debate is raging over how to punish racist fans, and if the teams they love should be held responsible.

NBA Picks Dick Parsons As Interim CEO Of Los Angeles Clippers

Parsons previously served as CEO of Time Warner. The appointment comes in the wake of the scandal surrounding racist comments made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling, whom the league banned for life.

Long After Lewinsky Scandal, Time To 'Bury The Blue Dress'?

The Barbershop guys weigh in on the NFL draft, Kevin Durant's MVP speech, and why Monica Lewinsky has resurfaced in the news.

NFL Draft's First Round: Manziel Slides, No Running Backs Taken

The Houston Texans used the NFL draft's No. 1 pick to take Jadeveon Clowney. The story of the night was how the Cleveland Browns wound up with a new quarterback, Heisman winner Johnny Manziel.