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7 Facts And 3 GIFs: Hellooo Curling

The Olympic sport of curling is a combination of bowling, bocce ball, billiards and chess — all on ice, and with some sweeping involved. NPR's Tamara Keith spent some time learning how to curl, and put together this cheat sheet.

Online Donors Send Jamaican Bobsled Team To Sochi

After word spread that Jamaica's two-man bobsled team had qualified for the Olympics but didn't have money to go to Russia, Internet donors stepped in — even contributing in Dogecoin, the peculiar digital currency.

Peyton Calls Omaha — And Passes Out Some Free Publicity

Melissa Block speaks with David Brown, the president and CEO of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, about Peyton Manning's "Omaha" audible heard during the AFC Championship Game. The audible, called by Manning dozens of times to signal plays, has spurred much excitement and a public relations outreach for tourism in the Midwestern city.

Ahead Of World Cup, Brazil's Delays Have FIFA Concerned

Months before Brazil hosts the World Cup, preparations are going at breakneck speed to host the hundreds of thousands of tourists who will pour in to watch the extravaganza. Still, construction on several of the proposed stadiums is behind schedule, and infrastructure upgrades have been delayed, as well. Will Brazil be ready for the games?

Big Contract, Big Questions For Yankees' Imported Pitcher

The New York Yankees have signed Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka to a massive, seven-year contract. After putting up gaudy statistics with the Japanese Pacific League, the prized right-hander had become the object of a bidding war between major league teams. Now, questions abound about whether the young pitcher can live up to the hype — and the salary.

Wrestling Fans Mourn Mae Young, 90 — A Pioneer Of The Ring

For years, she was known simply as The Great Mae Young. She started out in high school, wrestling boys and challenging top female wrestlers. Decades later, she took on far younger opponents and demanded to be "powerbombed" into folding tables by huge men.

Warren Buffett's $1 Billion Basketball Bet Is A Very Long Shot

Quicken Loans and Buffett have teamed up to offer $1 billion to anyone who correctly picks the winners of all 63 games in this year's NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament. But the odds of winning are sky-high.

Was Wendy Davis Misleading In Her Political Bio?

Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis has been called out for embellishing details in her political bio. The beauty shop ladies weigh in on that and other news. Guest host Celeste Headlee hears from Connie Schultz, DeBora Ricks, Bridget Johnson and Nicole Austin-Hillery.

Think You Know Richard Sherman After His 'Rant'? Maybe Not

The Seattle Seahawks player's post-game interview set off another national discussion about race because of the way many reacted to it with not-so-veiled slurs. He tells CNN that it's those who posted racial comments about him afterward who "showed their true character."

Zen And The Art Of Snowboarding: Jamie Anderson Goes To Sochi

The 23-year-old is considered one of the world's best female snowboarders, and possibly America's best shot at gold in slopestyle. Like Anderson, the sport is making its Olympic debut.