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Do You Care If Ball Players Use Steroids? Polls Say Fans Do

There are more reports about players using performance-enhancing drugs. In the past, polls have shown that many fans do care and don't like to hear that the stars might be juicing.

Quelle Surprise! Federer Out At French Open

Renee Montagne talks to Jon Wertheim of Sports Illustrated about the second week of the French Open tennis tournament. In quarterfinal action Tuesday, Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga defeated veteran champ Roger Federer in straight sets.

Take Golf Out Of The Rough, Into The 21st Century

When the St. Jude Classic opens on Wednesday in Memphis, Tenn., Frank Deford will be paying attention to the action on the course. He has some gripes about the requirement that players must tally their own shots.

U.S. Skater Will Boycott Disciplinary Hearing On Tampering

After admitting to tampering with a rival's skate blade, U.S. speedskater Simon Cho will boycott a hearing in Germany next week that could bring a lifetime ban, NPR has learned. Cho says his coach ordered him to tamper with the Canadian's skate in 2011.

Ohio State President Will Retire In Wake Of Latest Gaffes

After his remarks on Catholics, other schools, rival athletic conferences and coaches created a furor, Ohio State University president Gordon Gee says he will retire on July 1. Gee, 69, has apologized for the remarks, which were reportedly intended as jokes.