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A World Cup Surprise: Arias In The Heart Of The Amazon

The final World Cup game in the Brazilian city of Manaus is on Wednesday. For fans who made the trek to the jungle for games this tournament, many were rewarded by something else: seeing a centuries-old opera house in the heart of the Amazon.

Removing $765 Million Ceiling, NFL And Players Settle A Second Time

In January, a federal judge rejected a settlement reached by the National Football League and attorneys representing retired players. The $765 million settlement, which had briefly put an end to a lawsuit over players' concussions, was rejected as too low to cover all players and possible future injuries. On Wednesday, though, both parties agreed to revise the suit settlement by removing the monetary cap.

In Game Against Germany, Team USA Bears A German Strain Of Its Own

Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated joins Melissa Block to speak about the deep German influence on the U.S. national soccer team, ahead of Thursday's World Cup game between the two countries.

U.S. Vs. Germany In The World Cup: What To Look For

The Americans need a win or a tie to decide their own fate; a loss would mean they need help to advance to the round of 16. The game begins at noon Thursday, ET.
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Redskins Pride Caucus

A group of four Virginia lawmakers has formed a Redskins Pride Caucus to give fans and ticket holders a voice. Co-founder and state delegate David Ramadan joins Kojo to explain why he supports the Redskins name.


World Cup: As Tournament Heats Up, Protests Simmer Down

American soccer fans are tuning in to the tournament in huge numbers. Host Michel Martin checks in with sports writers Dave Zirin and Ricardo Zuniga about the latest happenings at the World Cup.

Suarez Bite Controversy Pays Off For Gamblers

A European betting service is paying gamblers who bet that Uruguay's Luis Suarez would use his teeth in anger in Brazil's World Cup.

FIFA Probes Whether Uruguay Star Bit Italian Opponent

Uruguay beat Italy in a close match. But instead of celebrating, the team finds itself embroiled in controversy. Star player Luis Suarez was seen on TV worldwide apparently biting an Italian defender.

Deford: NCAA Says Amateurism Is Alive And Well, But The Jig Is Up

In a trial underway in California, the NCAA is arguing that college ball players should not be paid. But every coach knows that many players are not typical students, says commentator Frank Deford.

Living Up To His Past, Suarez Apparently Bites Italian Opponent

Uruguay's win against Italy was overshadowed by a bite. Once again, Luis Suarez courted controversy at a World Cup Game.