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'Ask The White Guy' About The Hawks

Atlanta Hawks co-owner Bruce Levenson's email about the diversity of the team's fans could end his run in the NBA. But were his comments really out of bounds?
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Etsy Takes Stand Against Redskins Goods

Etsy — the popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods — now has a policy explicitly banning the use of the Redskins name or team logo.


The National Anthem, And The National Pastime

This Sunday marks the 200th anniversary of Francis Scott Key's penning of "The Star-Spangled Banner." As commentator Frank Deford explains, baseball and the national anthem go way back.

The Video, The Tabloid Site And The NFL's Unwanted Reckoning

The assault by former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice on his then-fiancee was public knowledge. But new video released by TMZ on Monday defined the story, says NPR's David Folkenflik.

Ray Rice Case Could Open 'National Discussion' On Domestic Violence

The NFL has issued a new policy on domestic violence, following the organization's much criticized handling of the Ray Rice case.

Janay Rice Says Assault Video Has Brought A 'Nightmare' To Life

Janay Rice says the media has sought to boost ratings by releasing a video that shows her being hit by her then-fiance, Ray Rice. The Baltimore Ravens ended Rice's contract Monday.

Formula One Legend Michael Schumacher Sent Home From Hospital

The seven-time Formula One champion has been recovering from a serious head injury caused by a December skiing accident in France.

Baltimore Ravens Cut Ray Rice After New Video Surfaces

A leaked video of the altercation between football star Ray Rice and his then-fiancee, Janay Palmer, that took place earlier this year has led the Baltimore Ravens to terminate Rice's contract.

Ray Rice Fired By Ravens, Suspended By NFL

Robert Siegel talks with ESPN writer Kate Fagan about the firing of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice.

Hawks Seek Buyer After NBA Team's Owner Reveals Racially Charged Email

Controlling owner Bruce Levenson said he had voluntarily told the league about the 2012 email. In it, Levenson asked if the Atlanta Hawks' black fans were keeping white season-ticket holders away.