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The Time Of Our Sports Lives: How Europe's Games Neglect The Clock

In Europe, soccer and tennis matches can drag on and on. Not so stateside, where basketball and football play by the clock. That's the American way, says commentator Frank Deford, so move it!

Argentinian World Cup Fans Plant Their Flag In Brazil

On Tuesday, Argentinian World Cup fans are descending on Sao Paulo, Brazil. Love them or loathe them, these fans are renowned for both their passion and rowdiness.

Belgians Bid U.S. Adieu In World Cup's Knockout Round

In its first game in the knockout round, the U.S. soccer team played Belgium. The Americans defied expectations by escaping group play, but they've now been eliminated with a loss against Belgium.

5 Things To Know For The U.S. Vs. Belgium Game

Two key questions are whether the U.S. can strike early, as it did against Ghana, and whether Belgium can pull away late, as it has in all its games so far in Brazil.
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Where To Watch The U.S. Men's World Cup Knockout Game In D.C.

The big outdoor showing of the last U.S. World Cup game in Dupont Circle won't get a repeat thanks to a lack of funding, but there are other places to watch the big knockout game againts Belgium today.


U.S. Plays Belgium In World Cup's Knockout Stage

The U.S. men's soccer team is back in action on Tuesday at the World Cup in Brazil. There is no room for error in the match against Belgium — lose and the U.S. team is finished.

Rivalry: Spanish Speakers Flood Portuguese-Speaking Brazil

Most Brazilians speak English and Spanish with an accent. But Brazilians seem to take great offense to World Cup visitors speaking Portuguese with an accent.

U.S. Readies To Step Onto Stage For Knockout Round Drama

In its first match of the knockout round, the U.S. soccer team plays Belgium on Tuesday. NPR's Tom Goldman previews the game, explaining what to expect from the matchup.

Altidore Will Be Ready For Belgium, U.S. Soccer Says

Forward Jozy Altidore, who missed the U.S. team's last two World Cup games with a strained hamstring, is "ready and available" to play Tuesday, U.S. Soccer has announced.

Luis Suarez Apologizes For Biting Rival At World Cup

The Uruguayan striker was banned by FIFA for biting Italian player Giorgio Chiellini in last week's World Cup soccer game.